Capitalization Worksheets - 3rd Grade

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Updated August 31, 2020
third grade students with worksheets
    third grade students with worksheets
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Capitalization worksheets for 3rd grade include rules such as capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, a person’s name, or the proper name of a place. You can use capitalization worksheets for lessons, as homework, or as quizzes at home or in your third grade classroom.

3rd Grade Capitalization Review Worksheet

This simple capitalization worksheet asks students to recognize which words in a sentence or paragraph need a capital letter and to rewrite sentences with proper capitalization. Click on the image of the PDF worksheet and use the Adobe guide to download and print the capitalization review worksheet with answer key.

capitalization review worksheet

Capitalization review worksheet

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Capitalization rules included on this worksheet are:

  • names of people
  • titles
  • places
  • "I"
  • days
  • weeks
  • first word of a sentence
  • directions
  • family names
  • buildings
  • organizations
  • historical events
  • official documents

3rd Grade Find the Capitalization Errors Worksheet

This capitalization worksheet asks students to find and circle the words that should be capitalized from ten sentences. In the second section, students need to rewrite five sentences with proper capitalization. The printable worksheet includes an answer key.

find the capitalization errors worksheet 3rd grade

Find capitalization errors worksheet 3rd grade

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Capitalization rules included in this worksheet are:

  • directions
  • family names
  • names of buildings
  • organizations
  • historic events
  • official documents

Teaching Capitalization in Third Grade

If you’re teaching capitalization or reviewing it, your 3rd grade capitalization lesson plan should include a variety of resources and techniques. While worksheets help kids with capitalization practice, you might also want to use capitalization games and capitalization tests.


Fun Ways to Use Capitalization Worksheets

Students are usually asked to complete a worksheet on their own. However, there are other creative ways you can use capitalization worksheets with this age group.

  • Have a relay race where students have to work as a team to complete the worksheet.
  • Pass one worksheet around the classroom and give each student ten seconds to find a capitalization error.
  • Cut a few copies of the same worksheet into three or four pieces. Give out worksheet pieces at random, and ask kids to find the pieces that fit with theirs then complete the worksheet as a group.

Practice Capitalization

Worksheets provide easy capitalization practice for third graders. Capitalization seems like it should be easy at this age, but special capitalization rules can make it a challenge. If you’ve got advanced students, let them try 4th grade capitalization worksheets.