Best Crossword Puzzle Dictionaries

Ever get a word that just stumps you in a crossword? Leaving it blank is not an option. Instead, purchase a top-rated crossword puzzle dictionary or check out a free online dictionary to help you solve your clue. Peruse this list of the best crossword puzzle dictionaries to help you finish your puzzle.

Best Crossword Puzzle Dictionaries Best Crossword Puzzle Dictionaries

Crossword Puzzle Dictionary Books

A plethora of dictionaries is available for use when doing crosswords. These top-rated dictionaries are considered some of the best of the best by puzzle enthusiasts. Not only are they easy to use and easy on the eyes, but they have a large library of answer words and word strategies designed for crossword puzzlers.

Andrew Swanfeldt Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

Listed among "10 Best Crossword Puzzle Dictionaries" in 2019, the Andrew Swanfeldt Crossword Puzzle Dictionary offers an Instant Finder System. This system groups words by the number of letters rather than putting them in alphabetical order.

For instance, if you are looking for an 8-letter word that means with joy, you can look under "joy" in the Instant Finder System and instantly find the synonym of eight letters: happiness.

This unique feature truly makes Swanfeldt's dictionary one of the best for puzzlers. Amazon reviewers also pointed out that it was comprehensive, and the format made it clear. You can find this at multiple bookstores online for about $15.

The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Found at the top of the list of "The 8 Best Crossword Puzzle Dictionaries," The Million Word Crossword Dictionary was given high marks for its comprehensive list of words, the inclusion of modern slang and large type.

This comprehensive puzzler dictionary has over one million answers and covers literary works, TV shows, brand names, films, synonyms and famous people like Jim Carrey. Taking crossword puzzle dictionaries to the next level, The Million Word features an introduction by Will Shortz, editor of The New York Times crossword editor.

It retails for about $17.

The Beginners' Crossword Dictionary

If you are just getting into the crossword game, The Beginners' Crossword Dictionary is designed for you. Created with the newbie in mind, this crossword puzzle dictionary offers tips and tricks, such as avoiding common pitfalls that most crossword puzzles have (like SPAR or SPAT as a 4-letter synonym for quarrel).

Through researching thousands of crossword puzzles, The Beginners' Crossword Dictionary offers a common crossword entry guide that you can use as a quick reference. Available for less than $10, this one-stop-spot for crossword newbies was featured on the Amazon Best Seller List.


Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, 2nd Ed.

Last but certainly not least among print dictionaries, Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary is a crossword fan favorite. Featured in the top spots on many best lists, including MSN's best crossword dictionary list, this comprehensive crossword puzzle dictionary offers more than 300,000 answers and quick reference guides.

One of the reasons that puzzlers love this dictionary so much is that it is convenient and speedy, featuring lists in alphabetical order and by number of letters. A table for subcategories, like Shakespearean plays, can make finding a tough entry a breeze.

You can get this at most bookstores for about $12.

Free Online Crossword Dictionaries

Need a quick word fix? Flipping through endless pages of a print crossword puzzle dictionary is going to take time. Rather than finding your book for that synonym, you could try an online dictionary.

These easy-to-use gems typically aren't as comprehensive as a book, but they are much more convenient. You can use your hint to search definitions, anagrams, and word lists. Many online dictionaries also let you search, for example, for six-letter words that start with "a" or three-letter words that end with "e."

Explore the top online dictionaries that crossword puzzle lovers might try.


You've come to the right place! A comprehensive online dictionary with thousands of entries, YourDictionary lets you look for answers by letter or search definitions. Finding synonyms are a snap with the quick thesaurus. The examples and quotes can also be helpful for puzzlers looking for that hard-to-find celebrity saying, too.

A unique feature of YourDictionary is WordFinder. WordFinder, which is also available as a mobile app, offers an anagram solver, along with a multitude of other cheats that crossword puzzlers can use. Using WordFinder for a crossword puzzle is easy. All you need to do is use ? for up to two wildcard spaces to get to your answer fast. For example, "hammer" might come to you from "?amm?r."


Chambers Dictionary

Available in a highly-rated app on Google Play and as a free online edition, Chambers online dictionary is a crossword lover's go-to resource for online searching.

This search guide allows puzzlers to peruse through the 21st-century dictionary, thesaurus and biographical dictionary. Word lovers and puzzle enthusiasts can also take advantage of the Chambers Word Wizard that offers instant word game solutions. Designed with puzzlers in mind, this unique feature allows you to type a ? for any missing letters.

The resource also includes a general knowledge base full of information by expert puzzlers to help you on your crossword journey.

Collins Dictionary

A top online dictionary that's popular among crossword solvers, Collins Online English Dictionary offers an array of features that players can utilize for quick crossword solving.

An easy-to-use search tool allows you to quickly look through the dictionary, thesaurus and even the translator. Collins also features popular tools, like trending words and a word of the day, to grow your vocabulary. To get quick access to politicians, composers and writers, you might try the Collins Word Lists feature, too.

Amo's Online Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

Amo's Online Crossword Puzzle Dictionary boasts over 170,000 entries for players. Use an asterisk to denote letters you cannot figure out when searching for a word. A list is then given of words that follow the same pattern.

This website is very easy to use for someone who does not need a definition or synonyms in order to figure out the correct answer to a crossword puzzle clue. Those interested in building their vocabulary may not find this site as helpful, but for a fast answer to a word pattern, this is an excellent crossword puzzle dictionary to visit.


Dictionaries for Crosswords

Finding a great crossword dictionary isn't a hard feat. Whether you go for print or online sources, there are several dictionaries available that crossword puzzlers love. While you're at it, go beyond crossword puzzles and try the word jumble solver or anagram examples. Words, puzzles, and word puzzles are a lot of fun!