Fun Pictionary Words for Kids of All Ages

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Updated August 28, 2020
Girl drawing pictionary word on whiteboard
    Girl drawing pictionary word on whiteboard
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Pictionary is a great way to teach kids new words and keep them engaged. However, if you are playing Pictionary with kids of all ages, then you need to have diverse Pictionary words to cover all your age levels. Thankfully, you can find easy, medium, and hard Pictionary words for kids below to keep all your kids engaged in the fun. You can download our PDFs of lists to print and cut out.

Easy Pictionary Words for Kids

When you are playing Pictionary with little kids, it’s nice to have words that are easy enough for your littles to use. These need to be pretty simple to draw and read.

Household Words

When it comes to drawing games, there are words for things you might use all-around your house. Explore these easy household Pictionary word lists for kids.

  • ball
  • Bible
  • bikini
  • book
  • bucket
  • camera
  • church
  • crayon
  • fireworks
  • high heel
  • ice cream
  • cone
  • lamp
  • mailbox
  • recycle
  • sandcastle
  • stairs
  • tire
  • toothbrush

Nature Words

From the bee buzzing in your face to the butterfly you like to chase, find fun nature Pictionary words kids might use like:

  • bee
  • bird
  • butterfly
  • cat
  • dog
  • dolphin
  • elephant
  • fish
  • flower
  • giraffe
  • moon
  • night
  • ocean
  • rainbow
  • snow
  • snowman
  • spider
  • star
  • strawberry
  • sun

Human and Emotion Words

Some of the easiest Pictionary words for kids are related to humans and emotions. Find fun Pictionary words you might use like:

  • baby
  • beard
  • cry
  • ears
  • eye
  • eyes
  • face
  • glasses
  • happy
  • mad
  • man
  • mouth
  • nose
  • sad
  • woman
  • shirt
  • pants

Food Words

Lots of food items are not only easy to draw but easy to recognize. Peruse a list of Pictionary words kids can use related to food.

  • apple
  • beans
  • burger
  • carrot
  • cheese
  • cherry
  • corn
  • donut
  • egg
  • popsicle
  • sandwich
  • spaghetti
  • taco
  • pumpkin
  • pizza

Easy Pictionary Words Printable

You can print this sheet of simple dictionary words and cut them out using the lines.

Easy Pictionary Word List

Easy pictionary word list

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Medium Pictionary Words for Kids

You don’t want to make playing the game of Pictionary too easy. Especially if you have kids that are a little older. To add a little challenge, you might want to try these Pictionary words for kids.

World or U.S. Associated Words

There are several recognizable monuments, items, and historical figures around the world. Here are just a few that you can use in your game.

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Big Ben
  • Eiffel Tower
  • ferris wheel
  • flag
  • flagpole
  • Liberty Bell
  • Mount Rushmore
  • North Pole
  • pyramid
  • Statue of Liberty
  • subway

Words From Around the House

If you want to keep the words to those that you use every day but just add a bit more challenge, then you might try these medium challenging Pictionary words for the house.

  • baseball
  • book
  • bookshelf
  • clock
  • computer
  • desk
  • garbage
  • laptop
  • mailbox
  • pancakes
  • piano
  • pillowcase
  • sleeping bag
  • tent
  • watch

Scenic Pictionary Words

It isn’t easy to draw a city or a farm. You also really have to think about the elements you’ll use to make sure people guess correctly. Enjoy these scenic Pictionary words.

  • city
  • farm
  • heaven
  • hill
  • owl
  • playground
  • raindrop
  • sand
  • snowball
  • spring
  • storm
  • tadpole
  • wing
  • winter

People Words

There are some careers and people that are just recognizable. Use that to your advantage through these job and family words you might use in gameplay.

  • brother
  • doctor
  • father
  • fireman
  • grandfather
  • grandmother
  • lawyer
  • mother
  • nurse
  • police officer
  • postal worker
  • sister
  • student
  • teacher
  • truck driver

Medium Difficulty Pictionary Words Printable

You can print this sheet of dictionary words and cut them out using the lines for your next party!

Medium Pictionary Word List

Medium pictionary word list

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Hard Pictionary Words for Kids

The time has come. Maybe you need a tie-breaker or are just really looking to challenge your kiddos to the max. If that is the case, you’ve made it to the right place. Find several lists of challenging words to spice up your game.

School-Related Words

You wouldn’t think that school-related words would be some of the harder ones for kids to draw and guess. However, you’ll have a hard time getting your friends to guess these.

  • alarm
  • assignment
  • calendar
  • dance
  • detention
  • dictionary
  • drinking fountain
  • eraser
  • failing
  • glue
  • homework
  • imagination
  • tardy

Sports-Related Words

Ready for a challenge, step up to the plate of these difficult Pictionary words. Give these sports-themed words a whirl.

  • catcher
  • face mask
  • foul
  • hockey
  • homerun
  • ice skating
  • pitcher
  • shoulder pads
  • slam dunk
  • sunscreen
  • tackle
  • team captain

Space and Weather-Related Words

Even if you’re quite creative, you might have a bit of difficulty trying to convey these hard Pictionary words for kids related to space and weather. They are really out of this world.

  • black hole
  • dark
  • dawn
  • full moon
  • Jupiter
  • morning
  • snowflake
  • solar eclipse
  • solar system
  • space
  • sunrise
  • sunshine
  • thunderstorm

Random Hard Pictionary Words

Just as it is hard to draw some of these words, it’s also hard to classify them. Here’s a list of words that are sure to be stumpers.

  • afraid
  • boring
  • closet
  • communication
  • falling
  • laugh
  • magic
  • pain
  • panic
  • pantyhose
  • peace
  • rock band
  • toilet paper
  • Wi-Fi
  • zombie

Hard Pictionary Words Printable

For a challenging game print this sheet of tricky dictionary words and cut them out using the lines.

Hard Pictionary Words List

Hard pictionary words list

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Finding Pictionary Words for Kids

When it comes to Pictionary, it is really a game the whole family can enjoy. However, it’s always nice to have a good array of words, especially if you have wide age ranges in your kids. To keep the fun going, you can use these charades word lists for kids and grammar games!