Scrabble Word Finder

Updated November 3, 2016

Scrabble® is one of the most beloved games in history and a Scrabble word finder can increase the fun. Over 150 million Scrabble sets have been sold throughout the world as of 2009. The game is printed in 29 different language versions, and is sold in over 121 countries. Countless rainy afternoons have been filled with a good game of Scrabble by people the world over. However, while Scrabble can be fun and wonderful, it can also be challenging. This is especially true if you have those difficult letters, like the letter X, or if you have seven consonants and no vowels. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources that can help you deal with sticky Scrabble situations.

Word Finder by YourDictionary

Word Finder - This feature on YourDictionary helps players who are stuck trying to make a word out of the tiles they have to play. Players can input their tiles in hand (including wild cards) so the site will suggest the best word possible. Words are grouped by the number of letters they contain. Players can also sort by base points to find the highest scoring word.

Two Letter Scrabble Words - YourDictionary's Word Finder lists the accepted two-letter Scrabble words.

Three Letter Scrabble Words - YourDictionary's Word Finder lists the accepted three-letter Scrabble words.

Word Finder lists all the accepted Scrabble words that either begin with tricky letters (J, K, Q, etc) or require the letter for correct spelling. Individual words are grouped by the number of letters they contain.

Consonant Words - A list of those crazy consonant-based words sorted by the number of letters.

Vowel Words - Vowel-only words sorted by the number of letters.

Words Ending in ING - All the accepted Scrabble words that end in ING are listed.

Words with Q Not Followed by U - A comprehensive list of Q words that aren't followed by U.

Words that Start with... - Find a complete listing of Scrabble-friendly words sorted by their first letter.


Other Scrabble Resources

Official Scrabble Rules - Scrabble Pages contains the official Scrabble rules. Information includes the Scrabble board, Scrabble tiles, Values of Tiles, Extra Point Values, and all the additional rules of official game play.

School Scrabble Program - This site encourages SCRABBLE playing in the classroom. There is also a National School Scrabble Championship every year for Grades 4th - 8th.

Tournament Scrabble - For the Scrabble enthusiasts interested in tournament competition this is the site to visit. This website, from the National Scrabble Association, provides a calendar of tournaments in the United States and Canada.