Word Jumble Solver

A word jumble is a word puzzle game that presents the player with a bunch of mixed up letters and requires them to unscramble the letters to find the hidden word. More complicated puzzles may have multiple solutions, requiring the player to parse jumbled words to find more than one hidden word. If you’re solving anagrams, trying to unscramble words or playing a game of Words With Friends, these word jumble tips will help you win.

jumble of colorful letters jumble of colorful letters

An example of a simple word jumble might be “d-a-r-h-c-l-e-t-a.” If you found “cathedral,” nice work! You’re well on your way to word jumble success. If you also found “ate,” “eta,” “hard,” “late,” or “trace,” you’re ahead of the game. Well done!


Tips on Solving a Word Jumble

There are many hints, tips, and tricks that can help you to solve a jumbled word.

  • The best trick we know is the handy tool we made for just this sort of word puzzle. Check out the WordFinder jumble solver. It will unscramble up to 15 letters for you, finding every possible word in the mix. No need to thank us. It’s what we do.
  • If you need more help or would rather solve your puzzle the old-fashioned way, your first move should be to look for letter pairs that often occur together. To start with the obvious, if there’s a Q in your word jumble, look for a U. If not, widen your scope with consonant combinations like CH, CK, LL, PH, SH, SS and ST; vowel combinations like AI, EI, IE and OU; and mixed doubles like AR, ER, ES and OR. Not sure what combinations to look for? Have a look at our lists of consonant blends and diphthongs.
  • In addition to common two-letter pairs, look for prefixes and suffixes. Finding structures like RE- DE-, and ANTI- at the beginning of words, or -ED, -ER, -ES, and -ING at the end can be a major step in unscrambling a word. Check out our list of affixes for all the patterns you should look for.
  • Try separating the consonants from the vowels, and looking at each group independently. It simplifies the problem and makes helpful patterns stand out.
  • Sometimes you need something tactile to outwit a nefarious jumble. Break out your Scrabble tiles or letter magnets and use your hands to try out combinations. There’s nothing like - pardon the pun - hands-on experience to break a mental block and get ideas moving.
  • You can also write the letters down like the numbers on the face of a clock. Displaying the letters in an unusual but understandable pattern can help clarify word structures and make solutions stand out.
  • This isn’t a tip for any particular puzzle, but it is a guaranteed way of getting better at all word puzzles, forever: read. Read all the time. There’s no better way to develop a real feeling for written language.

Get Unjumbled

Almost every trick to unjumbling words is actually a way to trick your brain into thinking differently. That’s the wonderful thing about word games in general and word jumbles in particular. When you’re struggling, come at the question sideways and you’ll almost always find new ways of winning.

That’s an important strategy not just in gaming, but in life. Hungry for more help? We’ve got a whole collection of pages just for you. WordFinder is YourDictionary’s all-in-one word game solution center. Browse the main page for all your word jumble needs, or get specific with beginnings and endings of words.