Nouns That Start With G

nouns that start with g
    nouns that start with g
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How many people, places, and things can you name? Let the clock start; it could take days to make such a list! But, if you break down the world of nouns letter by letter, you might have some fun seeing just how many nouns you or your students can name. We’ve been walking through the alphabet, A through F, so let’s continue with nouns that start with G.

50 Nouns Starting With G

Ready for 50 of the most common G-nouns? Together, we’ll stroll through galleries, fill our tanks with gas, and travel the globe with a well-stocked vocabulary.





a place where works of art are displayed

arcade, exhibit, mezzanine


a risk

chance, risk, wager


something you play for fun, sport, or a competitive activity

pastime, sport, play


a hole, opening, or space between two solid surfaces

break, rift, chasm


an enclosed space for keeping or repairing cars

carport, parking space


a space where plants, fruits, or vegetables are grown

landscape, greenhouse, nursery


an air-like substance that expands to fill the space it’s in

ethane, smoke, vapor


a structure that can be opened to provide an entrance

access, entrance, threshold


clothing or equipment needed for something specific

apparatus, equipment, mechanism


a classification of a noun or pronoun as masculine, feminine or neuter

class, identity, sort


a group of people who were born and lived (or are living) around the same time

descendants, family, offspring


the beginning

beginning, creation, origin


someone with an amazing mental or creative ability

mastermind, talent, whiz


the spirit of a dead person who comes back to haunt the living

spirit, apparition, demon


a present, or something freely given

present, token, offering


a female under the age of 18

adolescent, young woman, daughter


the elegant, exciting, or attractive quality that makes something seem special or desirable

allure, attractiveness, beauty


a hard substance made by heating and cooling silicates

crystal, silicate, pane


something round in the shape of a ball

ball, orb, sphere


great praise and recognition won by doing something important

exultation, honor, resplendence


a steady light

luminosity, opalescence, incandescence


something you aspire to do or wish to do

aim, intent, objective


a wild or domesticated animal with hooves

billy goat, buck, kid


an image, person, or thing that is worshiped, honored, or believed to be all-powerful

deity, idol, creator


a soft, yellow, precious metal

aureate, gild


an outdoor game played on a large course with a small, hard ball and a set of clubs

match play, 18 holes, the links


private information about others that’s shared in conversation or print

blather, chitchat, hearsay


the exercise of control or authority over a group of people

authority, regime, parliament


poise and elegance

eloquence, beauty, style


a way of rating the quality, worth, rank, or order of things

score, mark


someone who completed a school program

alum, alumni, grad


a tiny, hard seed from a cereal grass

seed, cereal, maize


something very impressive and amazing

splendor, magnificence, eminence


vegetation consisting of short plants

lawn, turf, pasture


an intense desire to accumulate large amounts of things

avarice, excess, indulgence


a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines

framework, grate, table


a complaint or an injustice

complaint, displeasure, gripe


a tight hold or firm grasp

brace, clamp, clasp


stubborn courage, brave perseverance

backbone, bravery, courage


the soil of the earth

bottom, dirt, earth


a collection, or a number of people or things

aggregate, association, class


something that has grown on something else

advancement, augmentation, cultivation


a person or device that protects

care, chaperone, shield


a person welcomed into someone’s home

invitee, lodger, patron


direction, advice, or something that instructs

advice, counsel, direction


someone or something that instructs others

counselor, mentor, guidebook


an outward appearance presented to the world that may not be true or accurate

air, appearance, cloak


a musical instrument with a flat-backed, rounded body

six-string, fingerboard, axe


a weapon with a metal tube that fires bullets

pistol, revolver, rifle


an informal term for a man or boy

bloke, chap, fellow

What Is a Noun?

The noun is one of the most important parts of speech. It’s a person, place, thing, or idea. Often, they’re accompanied by an article such as “a,” “an,” or “the.” For example, “a truck,” “an actor,” or “the writer.”

Primarily, nouns act as the subject of the sentence. So, in the sentence, “The goldfish is happy,” “goldfish” is a noun. Nouns can also act as direct objects, too. In the sentence, “Sheila enjoys galas,” “galas” is the direct object. It’s the object of the verb, “enjoys.”

Cross stitching the letter G
    Cross stitching the letter G
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Types of Nouns

Given their frequency, it probably won’t come as a surprise that there are many different types of nouns. Here are a few of the most common forms:

  • Proper nouns name specific things. This can include the names of people, cities, states, countries, buildings, and books. These nouns are always capitalized. So, “General Motors” is a proper noun, but “car” is a common noun.
  • Common nouns refer to general items, such as “globe,” instead of the “Golden Globe Awards.”
  • Abstract nouns are used when you can’t use your senses to see or touch the noun. These nouns are often theoretical, such as “goodness” or “glory.”
  • Collective nouns refer to large groups, such as a “gang” of bandits or a “galaxy” of stars.
  • Possessive nouns express ownership. For example, in “Gabby’s pen,” “Gabby’s” is a possessive noun, indicating that Gabby owns the pen.

To continue to explore these categories, check out Types of Nouns.

10 Example Sentences With G Nouns

How does your garden grow? Let’s watch some of these G-words blossom into full-grown sentences.

  1. My favorite place is the gallery on Seventh Avenue.
  2. There are bell peppers in our garden.
  3. What color is their gear?
  4. That lamp gives off a beautiful, soft glow.
  5. She is a recent graduate of Yale.
  6. That castle on the hill stands in stunning grandeur.
  7. For her to survive that tragedy, she must have some serious grit.
  8. She dresses with grace and style.
  9. I would like to ask you for some guidance.
  10. Let’s listen to him play his new six-string guitar.

Get More G Words

Are you ready for even more G words now that you’re familiar with nouns that begin with this letter? Head over to WordFinder by YourDictionary where you’ll find a great list of words that start with G that’s organized by word length. Review it as-is, or adjust by starting or ending letter or by words that include certain letters in any position. You’re sure to have fun expanding your vocabulary one G-word at a time.

One Great Globe

Our world is filled with books of wonder. And, in them are vast arrays of nouns. Whether you dress them up with adjectives, capitalize them in a proper sense, or get abstract on thoughts of love and time, it’s good to have a full arsenal of nouns and their synonyms. Ready to continue on? Here are 50 Nouns That Start With H.