Nouns That Start With H

H is a fascinating letter. It often enjoys being paired with letters like P or T to form new sounds, as in “phone” or “that.” When standing on its own, H can form a bevy of interesting nouns too.

Below, we’ve gathered 50 of the most common nouns that start with H. Read on to see how many you already know and how many you can add to your growing vocabulary.

nouns that start with h nouns that start with h

50 Nouns Starting With H

Here’s a handful of nouns. Will they evoke happiness or horror? Well, here’s a hint. The more you read, the more your vocabulary will grow. As you read, scan word lists like this one to learn more and use unique words in all of your writing.





the natural environment of someone or something

abode, environment, locality


a fine, thread-like strand that grows on people and animals

fiber, mane, strand


a central room, public room, or passageway between rooms

entry, foyer, gallery


the part of the human body at the end of the arm

palm, fist, grip


a small quantity

scattering, some, sprinkling


the state of joy, peace, and tranquility

bliss, joy, serenity


the physical components of a computer, such as the machine and wiring

components, implements, fittings


an injury

injury, evil, abuse


an argument or fight

bother, commotion, dispute


a covering for the head

cap, headgear, headpiece


the part of the body that comes out of your neck

crown, skull, cranium


physical and mental wellness

wholeness, wellness, well-being


the prevention and treatment of diseases through medical professional services

insurance, prevention, wellness


the organ that controls the flow of blood in the body

ticker, clock, cardiac organ


a form of energy that causes a difference in temperature

warmth, fieriness, incandescence


the place where god lives; a wonderful feeling

Nirvana, paradise, utopia


the part of the foot on the opposite end of the toes, under the ankle

spur, hock, hind toe


the distance from the bottom to the top of something

altitude, elevation, loftiness


a place of great suffering where sinners go

underworld, inferno, Hades


the background from which one comes

legacy, patrimony, birthright


a person who has made noble and brave accomplishments

savior, conqueror, champion


a road freely open to the public

expressway, freeway, interstate


a small mound, pile, or rounded part of earth

mound, knoll, precipice


a suggestion or clue

allusion, inkling, implication


the part of the body from the waist to the top of the leg

haunch, side, pelvis


a story or tale of what has happened in the past

account, memoir, tale


an activity that you enjoy doing for fun

activity, interest, pastime


a team game played on ice

ice hockey, field hockey, shinny


an opening in solid object

abyss, cavern, chasm


a celebration

celebration, festival, gala


a house or place where a person or family lives

abode, domicile, dwelling


the quality of being truthful

candor, decency, honor


the sweet, syrupy substance made by bees from flower nectar

nectar, syrup, molasses


high respect, great reputation, or high rank

chivalry, veneration, reverence


the front top of a car

auto top, bonnet


a bent piece of material used for hanging things

catch, clasp, latch


the feeling of being scared

abhorrence, aversion, repugnance


a creature with hooves that belongs to the equine family

steed, mount, pony


a tightfitting outer garment, covering the hips, legs, and feet

breeches, hosiery, stockings


a place to get medical attention

clinic, dispensary, sanitarium


a place that provides temporary sleeping accommodations to travelers

inn, motel, lodging


sixty minutes



a building or shelter where people or animals live

abode, dwelling, residence


a family or social unit living together

family, home, household


shelter, buildings, or something that covers and protects

accommodations, dwelling, lodging


the center of something

center, core, focal point


the cardinal number above ninety-nine

centenary, centennial, century


the desire for something

appetite, desire, longing


the male partner in a marriage

spouse, mate, groom


intense promotion or advertising of a product

buildup, promotion, puffery

What Is a Noun?

A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. When we use nouns in our writing, we often need to place an article before them, such as “a,” “an,” or “the.” For example, “a hotel,” “an autobiography,” or “the honeybee.”

Typically, nouns act as the subject of the sentence. So, in the sentence, “The hook is red,” “hook” is a noun. Nouns also act as direct objects. In the sentence, “She reads history books,” “history books” is the direct object. It’s the object of the verb “reads.”


Types of Nouns

Given their prominence in our writing, there are several different categories of nouns. Here are five main types:

  • Proper nouns name specific things, like people, cities, states, countries, buildings, and books. As proper nouns, they are capitalized. So, “Haiti” is a proper noun, but “country” is a common noun.
  • Common nouns refer to general items, such as “hill,” instead of “Signal Hill” in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Abstract nouns are used when you can’t touch the noun. These nouns are theoretical, such as “happiness” or “hope.”
  • Collective nouns refer to large groups, such as a “herd” of hippos or a “horde” of orcs.
  • Possessive nouns demonstrate ownership over something else. For example, with “Helen’s handbag,” “Helen’s” becomes a possessive noun, indicating that she owns the handbag.

To continue to explore these categories, check out Types of Nouns.

10 Example Sentences

Ready to see what all the hype is about? Here are 10 sentences containing H-nouns:

  1. These pandas live in their natural habitat.
  2. Hot tea brings happiness.
  3. Is that a new hat?
  4. Her learning has reached a new height.
  5. This ukulele is a piece of his heritage.
  6. Journaling is her primary hobby.
  7. Nothing matters more than honesty.
  8. The front door on their house is robin’s egg blue.
  9. This is the central hub in Texas.
  10. He has a tremendous hunger for learning.

Say Hello to More H Words

Not every word that begins with H is a noun. If you’re hungry for more, you’ll be glad to learn that it’s easy to find even more words that start with the letter H using the WordFinder by YourDictionary word list tool. This helpful resource provides a huge list of terms, in order by word length. Hone in on certain criteria, such as the number of letters or the presence of certain letters in addition to H to create a customized list. You can even find words that begin or end with certain letter combinations. Enjoy building your H-word vocabulary, then expand your horizons to words that begin with other letters.


Wholesome, Happy Vocabulary

Is there anything better than a new book? Maybe a book that you wrote. With a strong vocabulary, filled with unique nouns and verbs, you can pull all your thoughts together into a wonderful tale of heroism and hope. See what jumps out at you in any of our other word lists. Jot down your favorite Nouns That Start With A and then journey through the rest of the alphabet together with us!