Verbs That Start With B

Ban all your baseless biases that say language learning can’t be fun. Exploring verbs that start with "b" is a great way to begin to walk students through the alphabet in an orderly yet fun way. In fact, you can teach eager minds with word lists for every letter of the alphabet and every part of speech. For now, let’s kick things off with the motivators of the crowd — a list of action verbs.

Verbs That Start With B Verbs That Start With B

50 Verbs Starting With B

Let’s take a look at 50 of the most commonly used "b" verbs. See how many you’d like to use in your next story or poem. Perhaps they’ll liven up your writing! After each definition, you'll also find a few synonyms for each verb.





to move in a backward motion or to support

reverse, sponsor, fund


to cook food in an oven

oven cook, roast


to make something even in weight, size or amount

stabilize, steady, level


to stop people from doing something

outlaw, forbid, prevent


to build upon a foundation of knowledge

ground, root, construct


to exist

live, exist, occur


to be able to cope with or hold the weight

sustain, shoulder, support


to win or to hit

triumph, overcome, strike


to grow or change into

develop into, grow into, metamorphose


to plead for something

implore, entreat, beseech


to start something

launch, initiate, commence


to act in an appropriate manner

comport, conduct oneself, act appropriately


to see or perceive

observe, view, have vision of


to have confidence in the truth of something

to consider accurate, to be convinced


to fit in or be suitable for

to go with something, to be part of something


to give a curve or angle to something

contort, curl, flex


to wager money in a competition

gamble, speculate, stake


to be cautious of potential danger

watch out, look out, be mindful


to tie or stick together

fasten, connect, shackle


to use your teeth to dig into something

chomp, munch, nip


to declare someone else responsible for a fault

accuse, hold responsible, hold liable


to lose blood

hemorrhage, exude, discharge


to combine things in a harmonious manner

mix, synthesize, incorporate


to ask for the favor of God

prayerfully offer good wishes, anoint, glorify


to open and close quickly, especially the eyelids

flutter, open and close, on and off


to prevent something from happening

impede, obstruct, stop


to expel air in a forceful manner

puff, blast, exhale


to make something indistinct or hazy

obscure, make bleary, cloud


to brag about oneself

gloat, crow, show off


to change from liquid to gas

to reach 100° Celsius, to reach 212° Fahrenheit


to support or strengthen something

prop, hold up, steady


to make reservations for something in advance

reserve, schedule, slot


to raise, push higher or promote

hoist, support, heighten


past participle of “to bear;” to be brought forth

created, birthed, originated


to take something with the intention of giving it back

hire, obtain temporarily, rent


to annoy, worry or cause discomfort

annoy, irritate, vex


to jump or move suddenly

leap, hop, skip


to leap or jump

spring, leap, skip


to smash, split or fracture

crack, burst, destroy


to take air in and let it out

respire, inhale, exhale


to make something to drink by mixing parts together, boiling, and steeping

ferment, mull, steep


to carry or take something or someone to a location

deliver, carry, accompany


to look at something casually

skim, peruse, scan


to construct, create or put together

erect, frame, make


to force one’s way aggressively

browbeat, tyrannize, domineer


to be on fire

combust, incinerate, blaze


to break apart suddenly and with force

explode, rupture, shatter


to place in the ground, cover up or hide

inter, entomb, bury


to purchase or get by an exchange of something of value

acquire, procure, pay for


to provide an alternative way around

circumvent, detour, alternate route

3 Common Types of Verbs

Now you have a lot more action verbs to bring to your vocabulary. However, it's important to be aware that action verbs aren't the only kind of verb. They are the most common type of verb, but linking verbs and helping verbs are also used quite frequently.

  • action verb - Verbs that indicate things you can do are action verbs. When you browse a store, you are doing something. When you buy certain items, you are engaging in another action. These verbs are action words because they describe specific actions.
  • helping verb - Verbs that help the main verb of the sentence by extending its meaning are helping verbs. They are always paired with other verbs. The phrase "be browsing" contains a helping verb that starts with "b" (be) and a main "b" verb (browsing). You could form a sentence by stating, “I want to be browsing the clothing aisle.”
  • linking verb - Verbs that connect the subject of the sentence to more information, rather than expressing an action, are linking verbs. Words like “am,” “is,” “are,” and “were” are examples of linking verbs. Consider this example: “Bruce is big." Here, the word "is" is a linking verb, but the "b" word "big" is an adjective.

For even more information on the different variations of verbs, take the time to learn more about what a verb is. By taking a deeper dive into this part of speech, you'll discover additional forms of verbs.


10 Example Sentences With B-Words

Every sentence needs a verb. The basic formula for a sentence is subject + verb + direct object. In the sentence, “Glenda bought soda,” “Glenda” is the subject, “bought” is an action verb and “soda” is the direct object. Explore a few more "b" verbs from the master list above doing their job as they bounce across some sample sentences.

  • Help me balance the seesaw.
  • At night, she might become a fairy.
  • If Tucker doesn’t behave, he won’t get his dessert.
  • I believe in God.
  • Do not blame your brother for the mess you made.
  • His paper cut is starting to bleed again.
  • Watch the deer bound across the grassy knoll.
  • She helped him book a flight to the Philippines.
  • He loves to go to the bookstore and browse the gardening section.
  • John decided to bypass the freeway for some backcountry roads.

Blend B-Words Into Your Writing

Without verbs, most of our sentences wouldn’t take flight. Hopefully, some of these verbs that start with "b" will find their way into your next short story or poem. Keep bolstering your vocabulary even more by discovering a long list of adjectives that begin with "b." For more "b" words, explore an even bigger collection of words that start with "b" on WordFinder by YourDictionary. Or, if you want to stick with verbs, visit verbs that start with "c" to advance to the next letter.