List of Positive Adjectives

The power of positive thinking should never be underestimated. After all, what we choose to focus on becomes prominent in our realities. But, perhaps it's more basic than that for you. Maybe you're just here because you'd like to effectively describe a happy scene while positive vibes flow from the page.

In that case, you're in luck! This list of positive adjectives may be enough to jump start your peaceful prose and shed some light on those around you.

Sounds pretty wonderful, right? So let's get right to it.

Positivity in Everyday Life

People all over the world know this exchange:

Q: How are you today?

A: Just fine, thanks; you?

Q: I'm fine, thanks.

There's no reason why that common interchange has to be so boring. Is "fine" the only word we know? Of course not! Then, why do we always use it?

We all tend to get it into linguistic ruts and use the same word over and over. But, why not break out of the mold? Let's vow to change it up a little. Who knows; people might start to like asking you how you are every day. Describing a friend or colleague, or their work, with cheerful adjectives can make someone's day, too. It shows that you care enough to use something other than the mundane.

A List of Positive Adjectives to Get You Started

Positivity is contagious. And one thing's for certain; words have something to do with that. It might be because good feelings surround positive words. If you read a list of negative adjectives, you're certain to feel differently about it than a list of positive ones.

We're got a list of 25 mood-boosting words to help you add positivity to your speech or your writing. Remember, change your words and you can change your world!

  1. Amazing

  2. Awesome

  3. Blithesome

  4. Excellent

  5. Fabulous

  6. Fantastic

  7. Favorable

  8. Fortuitous

  9. Gorgeous

  10. Incredible

  11. Ineffable

  12. Mirthful

  13. Outstanding

  14. Perfect

  15. Propitious

  16. Remarkable

  17. Rousing

  18. Spectacular

  19. Splendid

  20. Stellar

  21. Stupendous

  22. Super

  23. Upbeat

  24. Unbelievable

  25. Wondrous

The Wondrous World Around Us

Do you feel even a little bit better? What would happen if we focused on the wondrous world around us instead of the hitches and snags that surround us?

See if you can add to this list with some positive adjectives of your own. Memorize a few of the ones you like the most and use them whenever someone asks how your day is. Tomorrow morning, 10 bucks says you'll throw your co-worker off-track when you reply to, "How are you?" with "Spectacular."

And, it's never too early to introduce kids to the dazzling, descriptive powers of the English language. Why not try some fun Adjective Games for Kids to get them started? Hopefully their writing will go on to continuously express this beautiful world we live in, ripe with possibility.

List of Positive AdjectivesList of Positive Adjectives

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