Adjectives That Start With A

It would be impossible to live in a world without nouns. Many nouns like to be dressed up, or modified, and that's where adjectives come in. They're a fascinating and colorful bunch. We have the obvious descriptors like "nice" and "smart."

But, what about words like "any" and "every"? "Any" is a distributive adjective, used to single out the particular noun or pronoun they're about to modify. Let's take a look at this fascinating group of words, beginning with all the popular adjectives that start with A.

Adjectives That Start with A Adjectives That Start with A

What Is an Adjective?

Adjectives have a very important role. They modify one of the most commonly used parts of speech: nouns. They provide further information, indicating characteristics like size, shape, color, and more. They answer questions like, "Which one?" "How many?" "Whose?" and "What kind?" So, with an adjective, the "friend" becomes the "acrimonious" friend.

50 Adjectives Starting With A

There are hundreds of adjectives that begin with the letter A, so they won't all appear here. Try thinking up some of your own to add to this list. It can be fun to sit somewhere you can watch the world go by and think of as many new adjectives as you can. It refreshes your vocabulary, makes you more of a crossword pro, and helps you master off-the-cuff puns.

For some reason, alliteration, or the repetition of consonant sounds, is interesting to the ear. Assonance, or the repetition of vowel sounds, is also catchy. In order to help you implement these literary devices - and more - into your writing, let's begin a study of A adjectives.

Here are our top 50, chosen because they are used so commonly in everyday speech:





to have the skills or strength to do a task

adept, apt, proficient


something that is 100 percent complete with no exceptions

definite, assured, certain


relating to schooling, learning

collegiate, learned, scholastic


of a satisfactory or agreeable level

adequate, average, decent


something that is easily reached or entered

convenient, handy, nearby


correct, without error

errorless, correct, unquestionable


when someone or something is bitter or harsh in manner or speech

sharp, rancorous, caustic


having or engaging in movement

agile, mobile, dynamic


existing at the present time

authentic, bona fide, real


a refusal to change; hard and unyielding

inflexible, resolute, fixed


extra or supplementary to what is already there

extra, more, supplemental


involved in carrying out of duties and responsibilities

executive, managerial, official


ahead in position, time, manner

ahead, foremost, progressive


creating favorable circumstances that increase the likelihood of success

beneficial, favorable, profitable


relating to the science or understanding of flight

air, flight


something you're financially capable of purchasing

economical, cheap, frugal


to be filled with fear or regret

apprehensive, cowardly, fearful


of or relating to Africa or its people, languages, or cultures

Afro, Nigerian, Zulu


prone to being competitive and makes strong attempts to win

ambitious, assertive, contentious


relating to the fear of open or public places

fearful, afraid, anxious


being active, full of life

active, animate, zestful


relating to or found in alluvium, sediment left by flowing water

earthy, geotic, temporal


full of wonder or excitement

astonishing, astounding, marvelous


being able to use both hands with aptitude



mixed or contradictory ideas about someone or something

uncertain, irresolute, conflicted


a person or thing from the United States

patriot, Yankee, Yank


without morals

uncivilized, unethical, corrupt


old, often very old

aged, archaic, old


possessing both male and female qualities

bisexual, cross-sexual, trans-sexual


someone exceptionally kind or beautiful

otherworldly, heavenly, ethereal


happening yearly

yearly, seasonal, yearlong


unknown, usually by choice

incognito, nameless, unidentified


something appropriate or relevant

appropriate, apt, befitting


something that is suitable and proper

applicable, apropos, well-chosen


a deep level of enthusiasm or passion

fervent, passionate, zealous


derived from astronomy, this denotes something really large

celestial, heavenly, planetary


appealing, drawing attention

alluring, appealing, beautiful


anything relating to sound

phonic, aural, auditory


relating to the ear or sense of hearing

audible, phonic, otic


of or relating to Australia



done by habit

habitual, instinctive, natural


extremely greedy

grasping, covetous, mercenary


ready for use

accessible, attainable, obtainable


normal, typical

common, fair, median


relating to your uncle

counseling, helping, advising


to know, see or realize something

alert, alive, apprised, knowing


impressive, inspiring admiration

wonderful, remarkable, impressive


something bright blue in color, resembling a cloudless sky

cerulean, sky blue, deep blue

There are many adjectives that start with A. After all, A is the first letter in the alphabet and one of the most commonly used letters in the English language.

In America, you want to get straight "A's" on your report card. In England, you have to finish your "A" levels before completing your secondary education. The top dog is always the "alpha."

When playing cards, the card everyone wants to have in their hand is the one conspicuously marked with the letter A, the ace.

All sentient creatures are capable of experiencing a moment of understanding, also known as an "aha moment." In these moments, the brain lights up with activity, creating a positively euphoric moment. Coincidence? Indeed not, an A is always good.

Types of Adjectives

Since adjectives are so colorful and common, there are many different types.

  • The most recognizable type is the descriptive adjective. These express common ideals such as, "His house has a pretty front porch."
  • Have you ever heard of predicate adjectives? These are adjectives that arise after the linking verb in the sentence. For example: "He is kind." In this example, "kind" is still an adjective, even though it doesn't come before the noun it's modifying. "Kind" is still modifying "he," keeping it in the adjective category.
  • Coordinate adjectives are small groups of adjectives that come together to modify the same noun. For example, "It was a bright and sunny day."

Adjectives are far more multifaceted than we realize. They're not just words like "pretty" and "nice." Check out this extensive article, Types of Adjectives, to learn more.

10 Example Sentences

Ready to see these words modify noun after noun? Here are ten of the above adjectives in action:

  1. This red dress is an absolute must.
  2. Just ignore her acrimonious speech.
  3. What an advantageous position to be in.
  4. Why is he so ambivalent toward his own sister?
  5. It's time to stop living in such an amoral manner.
  6. His little four-year-old is absolutely angelic .
  7. This is an anonymous headstone.
  8. She's an automatic worrier.
  9. Let's forgo an avaricious lifestyle focused on material possessions.
  10. Your dad's taken on an avuncular role in my life.

Awesome Additional Adjectives

Wasn't that fun? Were you able to pick up any new terms and commit them to memory? Why not keep that pad and paper handy and see if you can jot down a few more additions with this lengthy List of Common Adjective Words? Here's to your new and expanded vocabulary