Adjectives That Start with B

Quick! Can you think of any adjectives that start with B? Beautiful probably springs to mind, but after that you might find it harder to come up with one. Indeed, the second letter of the English alphabet often finds itself playing second fiddle.

When you're in high school, you don't want to be on the "B team" when the "A team" is so much cooler. And when your first plan goes pear-shaped, the only thing you have left is the inferior, proverbial "Plan B."

Nevertheless, each and every letter is important. So, let's take a closer look at this runner-up in the alphabet.

Sound Off

Some consonants are inconstant. They're fickle beasts who like to fool unwitting spellers at every turn. Not the letter B; B is a bastion of reliability in the minefield of the English language.

When you pronounce the letter B, your voice doesn't stop, but your airflow is held back for one precious moment behind your closed lips, before exploding into the desired sound.

The letter P is formed in a similar way, behind close lips, but isn't as constant as B. The letter P can pair up with H or S to make wholly different sounds. B, however, is a perfect letter. No matter what it's next to, it makes the same sound. Sure, sometimes B likes to stay silent, like in "debt" or "numb" but, when B makes a sound, it will always be identical to every other B.

List of Adjectives that Start with B

Let's get to all those great adjectives that start with B. Feel free to make your own list, too. Then, gear up to challenge your friends to a boisterous game of Scrabble. You will totally destroy them.

Here are the top 20 "B" adjectives:

  1. Bacterial - caused by bacteria

  2. Baffling - impossible to understand

  3. Bashful - shy

  4. Beaming - shining brightly

  5. Belligerent - highly argumentative

  6. Bicameral - having two chambers

  7. Blissful - full of happiness and joy

  8. Bodacious - bold; someone simultaneously audacious and admirable

  9. Boisterous - noisy, energetic, or rowdy

  10. Bonkers - crazy

  11. Bookish - someone devoted to reading

  12. Bovine - like a cow

  13. Bracing - fresh and invigorating

  14. Brackish - unpleasant or distasteful

  15. Brash - reckless

  16. Brilliant - very smart or very bright

  17. Brisk - cold, but fresh and invigorating

  18. Brittle - something hard, likely to shatter

  19. Bulimic - relating to the eating disorder bulimia

  20. Buxom - a full-figured woman; voluptuous

With a list of common adjective words by your side, you can go on to accomplish many great and wonderful things in your speech and writing. Your next essay will be bracing; your first manuscript will be breathtaking. Now, let's keep your adjective list growing with a move on to adjectives that start with C.

Adjectives That Start with BAdjectives That Start with B

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