Adjectives That Start With C

Writing doesn't have to be dull, especially when you add adjectives that begin with "c." From calamitous to cybernetic, all your "c" adjectives are covered. In addition to learning new adjectives, you can learn the definitions too.

adjectives that start with C adjectives that start with C

Catchy Adjectives That Start With C

One of the interesting things about adjectives that start with "c" is the fact that the letter can appear twice in the same word with different sounds. Also, if "c" is next to an "h", you get a whole different kind of sound. In one of the words on our list, the beginning "c" is silent, but the word ends in a hard "c" sound. You see, the fun never stops with the letter "c". So, let’s get right to it.

Adjectives That Start With Ca-Ch

Here are 25 common "c" adjectives from "ca" to "ch."

  • calamitous - disastrous
  • calculating - scheming or ruthless way of acting
  • capacious - very spacious or roomy
  • capricious - sudden changes in mood or behavior
  • captivating - attracting and holding one’s interest
  • careless - not being careful, having errors
  • casual - relaxed or informal
  • catastrophic - unfortunate or damaging
  • cautious - being careful
  • cavernous - resembling a cavern; vast
  • certain - knowing something without a doubt
  • certifiable - able to recognized or
  • cerulean - a shade of deep blue
  • cervical - relating to the neck
  • challenging - demanding, testing
  • chance - possibility
  • changing - modify or alter, to make different
  • charitable - giving
  • charming - pleasing, pleasant, friendly
  • cheeky - prudent in a charming or endearing way
  • cheerful - happy
  • chic - elegant or fashionable
  • childish - immature or silly
  • Chinese - relating to China and its culture
  • chthonic - dark and mysterious; originating from the underworld

List of Adjectives That Start With Cl-Cy

Explore 25 common "c" adjectives from "cl" to "cy."

  • clever - smart, quick-witted
  • clueless - doesn't understand, completely lost
  • clumsy - awkward, moves without elegance
  • coarse - rough
  • colonial - relating to colonies, especially the 13 British colonies that became the US.
  • comical - funny
  • complete - total; highest degree
  • complex - many parts
  • comprehensive - complete, including all elements
  • contrary - oppositional nature, opposite direction
  • corny - trite, cliche
  • courageous - brave; undeterred by danger or pain
  • cozy - warm, relaxing
  • creative - involving the imagination, especially with regard to artistic work
  • crisp - firm and dry
  • cryptic - a message that's hard to decipher
  • cuddly - pleasant to hug
  • culinary - relating to cooking
  • curious - eager to learn
  • curt - rude, abrupt
  • cute - attractive, enduring
  • curvaceous - having an attractive, curvy shape
  • customary - commonly practiced; based on custom
  • cyan - a shade of light blue with a hint of green
  • cybernetic - relating to cybernetics, the study of human and machine control processes

Example Sentences Using Words With C

Knowing what adjectives that start with "c" are is one thing, but knowing how to use them in a sentence is another. Dive into 10 example sentences of words that start with "c."

  1. This is a charming house you have.
  2. The cautious cat looked at the people curiously.
  3. The childish woman pouted in the corner.
  4. No cage could stop the clever puppy from escaping.
  5. It was hard to explain the problem to the clueless boy.
  6. Sitting in the cozy chair, the girl couldn't help but sigh.
  7. The cuddly kitty curled right into my chest.
  8. It was hard to decipher the cryptic message my brother left.
  9. I rolled my eyes at her curt response.
  10. The curvaceous woman smiled brightly at us.

Sound Off: Letter C

"C" can sound like a "k," as in catchy, but it can also sound like the soft hiss of a serpent, as in celestial. The letter "c" can also be a bit bratty from time to time. It pushes around poor "e" and "i" so that nobody really knows which comes first in words such as ceiling, often making English spelling much more difficult than it should be.

In terms of pronunciation, you’ve got the hard "c" that shows up in words like coffee or cupcake. Its twin, however, is that soft "c" that pops up in the ice floating in your cider. You’re bound to see each of these consonant sounds appear in adjectives that start with "c."

Having Fun With C Adjectives

How’s that for a study of this most interesting letter of the alphabet? Having a list of adjectives that start with "c" in your arsenal is bound to make your next piece of writing glow with crisp, clear ingenuity. Feel free to keep adding to this list and share your favorites in the comments below. Keep that pen and paper handy. You don’t want to dawdle now. It’s time to move on to a short study of adjectives that start with "d."