Adjectives That Start With E

Don't you feel elated when you see adjectives that start with "e?" Words like ecstatic and enchanting give off a positive aura that's inspired many writers, poets, and wordsmiths of all kinds.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, one of the greatest poets of all time, often went by the moniker "STC" because he thought his initials sounded like "ecstasy" when said aloud. Let's keep the mood elevated and scoop up a healthy spoonful of these exciting adjectives.

20 Adjectives That Start With E

In truth, there aren't enough pages allotted to these happy little fellows. It's helpful, however, to try to make your own list of common adjective words. That way, you'll always have a handful of smart, descriptive words committed to memory and a handy reference list by your side.

See if you can include every letter in the English language in your reference list. While you're at it, feel free to pluck some from the list below.

Here are our top 20 adjectives that start with the letter "E."

  1. Eccentric - Off-center or just a little bit crazy
    e.g., The eccentric lady down the street owns 25 cats.

  2. Eclectic - Deriving ideas, taste, or style from various sources
    e.g., Harry has a very eclectic taste in music.

  3. Eerie - Strange or frightening
    e.g., The eerie sounds coming from the basement sent chills up her spine.

  4. Effervescent - Someone who's enthusiastic and vivacious
    e.g., Life's more fun with effervescent people.

  5. Efficacious - Capable of producing a desired effect
    e.g., The more efficacious workflow increased production by 15%.

  6. Effluent - Flowing out of
    e.g., That factory needs to be more mindful about its effluent waste.

  7. Egregious - Remarkably bad
    e.g., Johnny's egregious error cost his team dearly.

  8. Eldritch - Sinister and strange
    e.g., The stillness of the night was broken by an eldritch creeking noise.

  9. Electric - Brilliant and vivid
    e.g., Nirvana's electric performance really tore the house down.

  10. Elegiac - Something that's haunting and mournful
    e.g., My favorite are the elegiac poems of the late 18th century.

  11. Elephantine - A likeness to an elephant; big, strong, and kind of scary
    e.g., The elephantine beast reared its ugly head.

  12. Empathetic - An ability to share in and understand someone else's feelings
    e.g., With an empathetic embrace, Joan assured Carl he wasn't alone.

  13. Empirical - The only way to really know something
    e.g., Empirical evidence suggests this was no accident.

  14. Endogamous - Marrying within your own clan
    e.g., The Amish are a largely endogamous society.

  15. Entropic - The inevitable degradation of any social system or structure into chaos
    e.g., Once Seamus showed up, the party descended into an entropic disaster.

  16. Eponymous - Named after someone or something
    e.g., The eponymous character just floats through life without direction.

  17. Esoteric - Intended to be understood only by a select few
    e.g., No one could understand Janine's esoteric explanation of thermodynamics.

  18. Excellent - Really, really good
    e.g., The crowd lined up around the block for the excellent pumpkin croissants at Chez Christophe.

  19. Exhaustive - Fully comprehensive
    e.g., An exhaustive list of every product they carry is included in Appendix C.

  20. Exotic - Originating from a distant country; something unusual
    e.g., This exotic fruit is especially tart.

Exquisite Elegance of E

Doesn't this make you want to take off with an eccentric pal to an exotic destination full of effervescent people? It's wonderful how simple words can promote certain feelings of ideas. As you continue to build your adjective list, let's move on to a study of the next letter of the alphabet and examine some Adjectives That Start With F.

Adjectives That Start With EAdjectives That Start With E

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