Adjectives That Start With E

Don’t you feel elated when you see adjectives that start with E? Words like ecstatic and enchanting give off a positive aura that’s inspired many writers, poets and wordsmiths of all kinds. Keep the mood elevated with a nearly exhaustive list of adjectives that start with E.

Adjectives That Start with E Adjectives That Start with E

Excellent Adjectives That Start With E

If you're eager and excited to get started, these positive words that start with E are an enchanting place to start. Take a look at several excellent adjectives that start with E.

  • eager - pleasantly expectant

  • earnest - honest and sincere

  • easy-going - flexible, relaxed

  • ebullient - bubbling with excitement

  • effervescent - someone who’s enthusiastic and vivacious

  • efficacious - capable of producing a desired effect

  • elated - extremely happy

  • electric - brilliant and vivid

  • elegant - graceful and poised

  • eloquent - well-spoken

  • emboldened - confident for an upcoming task

  • empathetic - an ability to share in and understand someone else’s feelings

  • enchanting - delightful and attractive

  • encouraging - supportive, giving someone confidence

  • endearing - cute and lovable

  • enjoyable - fun and amusing

  • enthusiastic - excited to do something

  • entrancing - very charming and interesting

  • ethereal - like an angel; heavenly

  • excellent - very good

  • exceptional - better than anything similar

  • exciting - causing one to be eager or interested

  • exquisite - wonderful; nearly perfect

Endemic Adjectives That Start With E

Feeling embittered or envious? If so, you'll want to see these negative adjectives that start with E. They're perfect for describing egotistical bosses, evil villains or edgy people in bad moods.

  • eerie - strange or frightening

  • edgy - irritable or overly tense

  • egotistical - self-centered

  • egregious - remarkably bad

  • eldritch - sinister and strange

  • embarrassing - causes humiliation or shame

  • embittered - made angry or resentful by past events

  • endemic - a harmful or negative effect spread throughout a population

  • entropic - losing structure or falling apart

  • envious - jealous, desiring what others gave

  • errant - mistaken or off-course

  • estranged - separated by negative feelings

  • evasive - not truthful

  • evil - without kindness or mercy; intending to do harm

  • excessive - more than is needed or wanted

  • excruciating - unbearably painful

  • exhausting - very tiring or wearisome

  • exploitative - taking advantage of others

  • explosive - violently angry

  • extraneous - unneeded, irrelevant

Eccentric Adjectives That Start With E

Sometimes you want an adjective that doesn't necessarily have a positive or negative connotation. Vocabulary doesn't have to be elusive; this eccentric list of adjectives that start with E is quite engrossing!

  • earth-shattering - hugely important, momentous

  • eccentric - off-center or just a little bit crazy

  • eclectic - deriving ideas, taste, or style from various sources

  • effluent - flowing out of

  • egalitarian - fair to all people

  • elaborate - very thorough and detailed

  • elegiac - something that’s haunting and mournful

  • elephantine - massive and kind of scary; resembling an elephant

  • eligible - having the ability to do something

  • elusive - hard to find or catch

  • eminent - happening at any moment

  • empirical - the only way to really know something

  • enamored - in love with or very fond of something

  • endogamous - marrying within your own clan

  • engrossing - extremely interesting and attention-grabbing

  • enterprising - easily making money or finding opportunities

  • eponymous - named after someone or something

  • esoteric - intended to be understood only by a select few

  • exhaustive - fully comprehensive

  • exotic - originating from a distant country; something unusual


Example Sentences With E Adjectives

It's always easier to understand new vocabulary in context. Check out these example sentences with effervescent adjectives that start with E.

  • The eccentric man down the street owns 25 cats.

  • Harry has eclectic taste in music; he listens to everything.

  • The eerie sounds coming from the basement sent chills up her spine.

  • Amy is so effervescent that everyone wants to hang out with her.

  • The more efficacious workflow increased production by 15%.

  • That factory needs to be more mindful of its effluent waste.

  • Johnny's egregious error cost his team dearly.

  • The stillness of the night was broken by an eldritch creaking noise.

  • Nirvana's electric performance really tore the house down.

  • Elegiac poems of the late 18th century capture the feeling of mourning and loss.

  • The elephantine beast reared its enormous head.

  • Empirical evidence proves that the medicine is safe for children.

  • Joan was empathetic to Carl's loss because she could imagine how much it would hurt to lose a loved one.

  • The Amish are a largely endogamous society because they marry within their community.

  • Once Seamus showed up, the party descended into an entropic disaster.

  • Jay Gatsby is the eponymous character of The Great Gatsby.

  • No one could understand Janine's esoteric explanation of thermodynamics.

  • The crowd lined up around the block for the excellent pumpkin croissants at Chez Christophe.

  • An exhaustive list of every product the company sells is included in Appendix C.

  • Coconuts are considered exotic in countries without coconut trees.

In truth, there aren’t enough pages allotted to these happy little fellows. It’s helpful, however, to try to make your own list of common adjective words. That way, you’ll always have a handful of smart, descriptive words committed to memory and a handy reference list by your side. See if you can include every letter in the English language in your reference list!


Exquisite Elegance of E

Doesn’t this make you want to take off with an eccentric pal to an exotic destination full of effervescent people? It’s wonderful how simple words can promote certain feelings or ideas. For more ideas on letter-specific adjectives, check out a list of adjectives that start with F. You can also improve your writing with these descriptive words that begin with the letter E.