Adjectives That Start with G

G is a middle of the road letter, as common as gentle and obscure as gustatory. Getting to grips with adjectives that start with G should give you a wide sample right through the middle of the language, scooping up everyday and enigmatic words alike.

Adjectives That Start with G Adjectives That Start with G

50 Adjectives That Start With G

Here follow 50 adjectives starting with the letter G, chosen to be commonly used and relevant to everyday conversation and writing. We've provided a definition straight from our dictionary and a list of synonyms courtesy of our thesaurus. If you need more, just check those out.





characterized by bravery and chivalry

audacious, courageous, valiant, valorous


shocked into action

excited, inspired, piqued, provoked


wide open

cracked, opened wide, parted, yawned


of or relating to gas

airy, smoggy, smoky, vaporous


something awkward or unwelcome

clumsy, impolite, tactless, undiplomatic


something happy, or something relating to homosexuality

cheerful, festive, homosexual, same-sex


having a jelly-like consistency

coagulated, jellied, thick, viscous


affecting most people, places, or things

common, customary, frequent, widespread


unbranded; by extension, unremarkable

general, nonexclusive, nonproprietary, universal


inclined to give more than what is expected

giving, lavish, liberal, openhanded


relating to genes or hereditary traits

generative, hereditary, patrimonial, transmitted


mild in temperament

careful, kind, mild, tenderhearted


something that is authentic or real

actual, bona fide, legitimate, veritable


having to do with the topography or mapping of a specific region

earthly, geological, topographical


having to do with the country, culture or language of Germany

Deutsch, germanophile, germanophone


extensive in size, large

brobdingnagian, cyclopean, elephantine, prodigious


possessing talents

able, endowed, skilled, talented


resembling a giant, very large

colossal, enormous, huge, vast


someone cheerful, happy or positive

cheerful, cheery, festive, happy, joyous


physically beautiful or overtly alluring

attractive, fetching, pretty, winsome


unpleasantly or startlingly bright

dazzling, garish, gaudy, lurid


worldwide in extent

cosmopolitan, ecumenical, planetary, universal


something adored, idolized or worthy of praise

brilliant, gorgeous, magnificent, splendid


something with a solid shine

glazed, lustrous, shining, sleek


made of gold; by extension, valuable or advantageous

auspicious, effulgent, rich, shining


having a positive quality or result

admirable, altruistic, excellent, virtuous


something or someone physically appealing or attractive

beautiful, comely, fair, good-looking


characterized by blood and violence

graphic, grotesque, gruesome, guignol


characterized by ease and beauty of movement

delicate, dextrous, lithe, smooth


being kind, thoughtful and aware of others

affable, benign, genial, urbane


happening slowly and evenly

easy, gentle, moderate


large in extent or significance

bombastic, exalted, expansive, superb


visually arresting

evocative, inspiring, striking, vivid


covered in grass

herbaceous, verdant, green


something appreciative of an action

beholden, indebted, obliged, thankful


more than required

excessive, over the top, unneeded, unnecessary


the pigment obtained by mixing black and white; by extension, old

ashen, ashy, drab, sere


slick, as if covered with grease or oil

adipose, oily, slippery, unctuous


of high quality or extent

distinguished, enormous, illustrious, superior


wanting to an unreasonable degree

acquisitive, covetous, piggish, rapacious


of or relating to the country, language or culture of Greece

helladic, hellenic, hellenistic, hellenophile


pigment created by blending blue and yellow, the common color of plants; by extension, inexperienced or new

emerald, fresh, unripe, verdant


sociable, happy in groups

communicable, communicative, extroverted, outgoing


hopeless, horrible in manner or appearance

bleak, brutal, dire, dismal


of great bravery or toughness

determined, resolute, spirited, tough


crude or vulgar

barbarous, crass, indecent, scurrilous, vulgar


new and exciting

revolutionary, stunning, unparalleled, unprecedented


horrible, particularly due to the presence of blood or violence

appalling, grisly, morbid, repulsive


deserving of blame

ashamed, blameworthy, blamable, sinful


having to do with tasting or the sense of taste

culinary, delicious, gourmet, sensual

What Is an Adjective?

Along with adverbs, adjectives are one of two kinds of modifiers in English. The difference is simple: adverbs modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. Adjectives only modify nouns. Before you use an adjective, make sure the word you're modifying is a noun. That is, be certain it's a person, place, thing or idea.


Types of Adjectives

While all adjectives modify nouns, there are also three subcategories of adjectives. Each category is defined by the effect it has on its noun.

  • Demonstrative adjectives are some of the most widely used words in the English language. When applied to a noun, they answer the question "which one?" When you specify "these books" or "that puppy," you are using a demonstrative adjective.
  • Descriptive adjectives represent the majority of adjectives. They're probably what you think of when you see the word "adjective": a word that specifies a particular quality about a noun. Whether it's a "giant building" or a "groundbreaking movie," descriptive adjectives add qualities to their subjects.
  • Quantitative adjectives are another group that is few in number but very important to the language. They answer the question "how many?" In phrases like "several teachers" or "many flowers," quantitative adjectives indicate what proportion, or quantity, of the noun the adjective describes.

If you're unclear on some of the concepts above, don't fret. Review these examples of adjectives for further clarification.

10 Sentences With Adjectives Starting With G

To help you get to grips with our G adjectives, we've put together 10 sentences to show you the words in action. For more help with sentence structure, check out our sentence variety examples, plus articles on compound and declarative sentences,

  1. Taking a final graceful plie, Debbie completed her dance workout.
  2. She was glad to find a new hobby to try out during the dull days of winter.
  3. Debbie loved the gorgeous moves she was learning in class.
  4. She strolled out of the dance studio into a glorious sunset.
  5. Debbie headed home, happy with her gradual but steady progress.
  6. She didn't expect to be a groundbreaking dancer, but many of the moves came naturally.
  7. Chatting with her classmates also satisfied her gregarious side.
  8. She opened her door with a genuine smile, happy to see to her special someone waiting for her.
  9. Her partner always made dinner a gustatory delight.
  10. Satisfied with a delicious dinner, the two retired, looking forward to another grand day.

Nothing But a G Thing

G will see you through words short and long, simple and complex alike. It occurs in words derived from Latin and Greek, French and German, and most of the other major contributors to English vocabulary.

If you're looking for more letters to learn from, take a look at our Adjectives That Start With H! Hilarity and horror are honor-bound to ensue.