Adjectives That Start With I

There are a wealth of adjectives that start with "i." Intriguing, isn’t it? If you're like most people, there are probably times when you search for the perfect descriptor, only to fumble around and come up with something far less powerful than you intended. So, the next time you're looking to punch a point in your prose, why not insert an adjective that starts with "i"? Explore a vast list of adjectives that start with "i" to get you started.

adjectives That Start With I adjectives That Start With I

Adjectives That Start With I

We probably don’t jump to vowels when searching for an adequate descriptive word. Doesn’t it seem like they’re typically buried within grandiose words, not proudly starting incredible adjectives? Well, let’s make a study of this popular vowel and take a look at some adjectives that start with "i."

Common Adjectives That Begin With I

Explore 25 common "i" adjectives to give you an impeccable vocabulary.

  • icy - very cold or, in dealing with people, unfriendly; hostile
  • idealistic - unrealistically aiming for perfection
  • idiotic - incredibly stupid
  • illogical - lacking sense or reason
  • immoral - not conforming to the standards of morality
  • impeccable - the highest standards of propriety; flawless
  • improper - not in accordance with the rules
  • inconceivable - not capable of being grasped; unbelievable
  • incredible - impossible to believe
  • indigenous - native to a particular place
  • indigo - dark blue
  • inferior - of a lower quality
  • infernal - relating to hell; the underworld
  • inside - interior; inner
  • inspiring - encouraging someone
  • instant - immediately happening; immediate
  • integral - necessary; essential
  • intelligent - clever; a high level of intelligence
  • intense - extreme force; fierce strength
  • interesting - arousing curiosity or interest
  • intricate - complex; a lot of complex parts
  • irate - extremely mad
  • ironic - an outcome that was the opposite of what was expected
  • irreconcilable - points of view that are so different, they cannot be made compatible
  • irrelevant - beside the point; not important

Uncommon Adjectives That Start With I

You've explored the common adjectives. Now, it's time to take a look at a few incredible "i" adjectives that you don't see as often. From icky to irreparable, you can find an interesting list of adjectives with "i."

  • icky - gross; sticky
  • iconoclastic - attacking beliefs or hierarchies; nonconformist
  • idiosyncratic - distinctive; particular; individual
  • illegitimate - child born of unmarried parents
  • illicit - forbidden by law or customs; against the law
  • illusive - dreamlike; not based in reality
  • immaculate - spotless; no stains
  • impassable - impossible to pass or travel through
  • imperial - relating to emperor or empire
  • impermeable - does not allow liquid to pass through; insusceptible
  • impetuous - acting impulsive; hasty
  • inadvertent - unintentional; not happening through planning
  • inanimate - not alive; lifeless
  • inapt - unsuitable; unfitting
  • indicative - suggestive; serving as a sign
  • inductive - relating to electricity or general laws in particular instances
  • inglorious - shameful; loss of honor; disgraceful
  • intensive - thorough; concentrated on a specific area
  • intransigent - uncompromising; unwilling to see other's views; inflexible
  • intrepid - unafraid; fearless
  • intrinsic - essential; inherent
  • invincible - unconquerable; indestructible
  • irascible - easily angered; irritable
  • irrevocable - irreversible; not able to change
  • itty-bitty - tiny

I-Adjectives Used in a Sentence

Now that you have a good selection of adjectives that start with "i" to choose from, take a look at these example sentences to see how they can be used in your writing.

  1. Stop that infernal racket!
  2. The book we got our host was an incredible Irish cookbook.
  3. His dining room was painted a deep shade of indigo that made the place seem fit for a king.
  4. When we looked around his house, we realized that his tastes were impeccable.
  5. She was an undeniably beautiful girl, but her intelligent air made her even more attractive.
  6. When we arrived very late, our host was so irate he made us find another place to stay.
  7. The waiter's icy manner didn't sit well with the customers.
  8. That icky new candy bar isn't selling well.
  9. The invincible defense of the football team took them all the way to the playoffs.
  10. Though she had an attitude that was larger than the life, the cute girl was just itty-bitty in size.

Get Inventive With I Adjectives

Isn’t it interesting to make a study of the English language, letter-by-letter? It is, after all, a very individualistic language. Indeed, we could do something similar for adjectives, adverbs and all kinds of integral components. Now, what do you say we move on to another important letter and make a study of adjectives that start with J?