Adjectives That Start With O

Adjectives that start with "o" are more common than you might think. You might even say that they are omnipresent. Get a list of several adjectives that begin with "o" and their definitions.

Adjectives That Start with O Adjectives That Start with O

List of Adjectives That Start With O

We can't possibly fit all the adjectives that start with "o" in this list, but this selection should get you off to a good start in making your descriptions more vivid — as you'll see in the short story below.

Adjectives That Start With Oa-Om

Start your search for the perfect "o" adjectives off with 25 words beginning with oa- to om-.

  • oafish - clumsy; uncultured
  • obedient - obeying or willing to obey; submissive
  • obese - very fat; stout; corpulent
  • objectionable - disagreeable; offensive
  • obliging - ready to do favors; helpful; courteous; accommodating
  • oblique - slanting
  • obnoxious - very unpleasant
  • obscene - offensive to one's feelings, or to prevailing notions of modesty or decency; lewd; disgusting; repulsive
  • obscure - not clear
  • observant - paying careful attention; keenly watchful; perceptive or alert
  • obsessive - consuming; being consumed
  • obsolete - no longer in use or practice; discarded
  • obtuse - slow to understand or perceive; dull or insensitive; in math, greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees
  • obvious - clear; apparent
  • occasional - of irregular occurrence; happening now and then; infrequent
  • odd - not usual or ordinary; singular; peculiar; strange; queer; eccentric; in numbers, not even, or having a remainder of one when divided by two
  • odious - repulsive; revolting
  • offbeat - unusual
  • offensive - unpleasant, as to the senses; disgusting; repugnant; causing resentment, anger, etc.
  • oily - of, like, consisting of, or containing oil; covered with oil; greasy
  • older - not young; lived for a long time
  • old-fashioned - behind the times; not current
  • omnipotent - having unlimited power or authority; all-powerful
  • omniscient - having infinite knowledge; knowing all things
  • omnivorous - eating both plants and animals

Adjectives That Start With Op-Ou

You are on your way to building an outstanding vocabulary. Now, it's time to learn adjectives that begin with op- to ou-.

  • opaque - not letting light pass through; not transparent or translucent; not reflecting light; not shining or lustrous; dull, dark
  • open-minded - unbiased; consider new ideas
  • operable - useable; can be used
  • operative - functioning; effective
  • opportune - happening or done at the right time; seasonable; well-timed; timely
  • opportunist - taking advantage of the situation for personal benefit
  • opposing/opposed - set against; placed opposite, in balance or contrast; contending within speech or action; resisting; withstanding
  • opposable - can touch other digits on hand (opposable thumb)
  • opposite - different in every way; exactly contrary
  • oppressive - unjust treatment; cruel; tyrannical
  • optimal - best; most favorable
  • optimistic - having the tendency to take the most hopeful or cheerful view of matters or to expect the best outcome
  • opulent - very wealthy or rich; characterized by abundance; luxuriant
  • oral - spoken by the mouth
  • orange - color between red and yellow
  • ordinary - not special; normal; usual
  • original - having to do with an origin, first, earliest; fresh, new, novel; capable of or given to inventing or creating something new
  • ornamental - decorative
  • ornate - elaborate; embellished
  • orthodox - conforming to the usual beliefs or established doctrines, as in religion, politics, etc.; approved or conventional
  • ostentatious - characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to impress others
  • outlandish - bizarre; unfamiliar; weird
  • outrageous - having the nature of, involving, or doing great injury or wrong; exceeding all bounds of decency or reasonableness; very offensive or shocking; unrestrained
  • outspoken - express opinions directly; blunt
  • outstanding - prominent; distinguished; excellent; marked by superiority or distinction; unsettled, unpaid, uncollected

10 Adjectives That Start With O Example Sentences

Knowing adjectives is good, but being able to use them in a sentence is even better. Explore these 10 sentences using "o" adjectives.

  1. The old man had trouble opening the door.
  2. The girl cherished the opaque onyx her mother gave her.
  3. The orange cat jumped on the table.
  4. The odd dog walked along the fence.
  5. It was a quaint, old-fashioned house.
  6. An oppressive leader controls every part of the government.
  7. She had an optimistic attitude about the upcoming test.
  8. He was just an ordinary boy that lived next door.
  9. Her house had an ornate porch.
  10. Our neighbor decorated with outlandish Halloween decorations.

Short Story: The Optimistic Octogenarian

Once you've read through the example sentences, take a look at the accompanying short story, which uses at least 30 outstanding adjectives that begin with "o!" The use of that many "o" adjectives in one tale may be a tad out of the ordinary, but it’s certainly original!

The old woman walked home in an odd mood considering the meeting she’d just had. She’d always been optimistic, but this kind of optimism, in the face of such a situation, bordered on outrageous or even obscene.

With so many payments outstanding since her husband’s death, the ostentatious home they’d built together was about to be taken away. The opulent life she lived was about to end.

“How could the bank manager be so obtuse?” she wondered. All these years, he’d seemed so obliging, so friendly, so helpful, and now suddenly, he’d become so cold and official, objectionable, obnoxious. She was a sweet, little, old lady, after all? How could someone be so harsh and unseeing?

“I warned you about him,” her son would say when she told him the news. He’d always said the manager was an “offensive, odious, oily, obese oaf,” but only when he was trying to be nice. “Just because he owns half the town and has his lackeys in every corner, he thinks he’s omniscient and omnipotent. Well, he’s got another thing coming."

In the safety of her living room, the old woman sat down and sighed. Then, picking up the newspaper, she realized the source of her odd sense of optimism: She had everything she needed to pay off the bank. She’d only need to get rid of some things she’d never liked to begin with.

When he started making his fortune, you see, her husband had become obsessed with the work of an obscure modern artist, buying up original prints left and right. He said he admired the mix of opaque acrylics and translucent watercolors.

She’d always been opposed to such frivolity, but she would never have begrudged him the occasional indulgence. Besides, they weren’t that expensive.

Now, reading the headlines of the Arts and Entertainment section, she saw that the painter and his unorthodox techniques had not become obsolete like she thought they would. He had, in fact, become world-renowned, and his original works of art were worth tens of thousands of dollars apiece.

She’d always been respectful of, and obedient to, her husband, and for a moment, she felt a twinge of doubt, as though selling his beloved paintings would dishonor his accomplishments. Then, a completely opposite thought came to her. The idea of getting rid of the paintings she disliked had never occurred to her until this most opportune moment. It was as though her husband were still providing for her even after his death. She had only to be observant enough to see the provision all around her.

The old lady went to bed that night with the windows open, feeling the warmth of the night air and the security of the home she would love for years to come.

Expanding Your O Adjectives

When you are writing, it can be easy to get caught using the same adjectives over and over. Expanding your vocabulary can make writing more fun. Plus it's always good to improve your impressive vocabulary. Keep your exploration of adjectives going through adjectives that start with "p."