Adjectives That Start With T

Are you considering using some adjectives that start with "t"? Learning new adjectives one letter at a time is a great way to strengthen your vocabulary. Begin your journey by exploring this list of 50 adjectives that start with "t." From adjectives that describe people to terms that help accurately characterize other nouns, you're sure to find words that can help you improve your English language communication skills!

adjectives that start with T adjectives that start with T

List of 50 Adjectives That Begin With T

There are simply tons of "t" adjectives in the English language. Get started with this selection of 50 descriptive words in adjective form. It would be terrific if you were tenacious enough to create your own list of "t" adjectives, too.

25 Adjectives That Start With Ta-Th

Begin exploring adjectives that start with "t" in alphabetical order. These early alphabet selections provide a great starting point for building your vocabulary.

  • tactful - diplomatic; able to convey criticism without hurting or offending others
  • tactless - insensitive to the feelings of others
  • talented - having a natural aptitude or skill for something
  • talkative - verbose, chatty; enjoys speaking to others
  • tall - having stature, height
  • tame - not wild; domesticated
  • tangible - can be perceived through the sense of touch
  • tantalizing - interesting, exciting
  • tardy - late, overdue
  • tasteful - suitable, attractive; in good taste
  • tasty - flavorful; appealing to the taste buds
  • tattered - torn, shredded; worn-out
  • tawdry - gaudy; showy but cheaply made
  • teachable - capable of learning
  • teeming - overflowing with; swarming
  • telling - revealing, significant impact
  • tenacious - persistent; stubborn
  • tender - soft; delicate
  • tepid - lukewarm; only somewhat warm
  • terrible - unpleasant; grievous
  • thankful - grateful; pleased
  • thin - skinny, slim
  • thorny - prickly, covered with thorns
  • thrifty - frugal, careful with spending
  • thrilling - exciting; tantalizing

25 Adjectives That Start With Ti-Ty

Keep strengthening your adjective vocabulary by exploring even more adjectives that start with "t" by going even further down the list in alphabetical order.

  • tight - snug; fitting closely together
  • timely - occurring at an opportune time; at just the right time
  • timid - easily frightened; demonstrating a lack of bravery or courage
  • tiny - very small; minuscule
  • tired - sleepy, in need of sleep
  • tiring - fatiguing; causing one to become exhausted
  • tireless - having seemingly endless energy
  • tolerant - accepting; putting up with
  • tortuous - complex and difficult to follow; full of twists and turns
  • total - the entire amount; all of something
  • torrid - scorchingly hot; passionate
  • toxic - poisonous; having a damaging impact
  • tranquil - peaceful; relaxing setting
  • tremendous - extremely good; large in scale, size or magnitude
  • trendy - stylish, up-to-date with regards to the latest fashion trends
  • tropical - something particular or native to the tropics
  • troublesome - causing difficulty or bother5; leading to annoyance
  • trusty - reliable, consistent
  • trusting - a tendency to believe others; accept at face value
  • tubular - round and hollow
  • turbid - opaque; obscure in appearance, meaning or impact
  • twinkly - shining, gleaming, sparkling
  • twisted - crooked; contorted
  • typical - ordinary; as expected
  • tyrannical - oppressive, overbearing, cruel; abuse of power

Example Sentences Featuring T-Adjectives

Review the sample sentences below for inspiration on how to incorporate adjectives that start with "t" into your own writing or conversations.

  • The talented pianist won a special award at the concert.
  • The talkative girl barely paused to take a breath in between sentences.
  • I like asking a tall person to get things out of high cabinets for me.
  • The tantalizing movie previews made me want to see the film.
  • The tasty pie was finished before I even got a second piece.
  • The tenacious boy did not give up studying until he had learned all the grammar rules.
  • The skin on the back of your knees is tender, so make sure to apply sunscreen there.
  • We all cried when the terrible news of the accident reached home.
  • I was very thankful when I received my college acceptance letter.
  • The thin girl loves to eat cakes and cookies.
  • The thrilling roller coaster took my breath away.
  • The tight lid kept the cookies fresh.
  • The timid girl did not like to approach strangers.
  • The tiny baby was too little to go outside without her mother.
  • The famous actor was very tolerant of all of the people crowding him.
  • Everyone gets lost on the tortuous country roads.
  • It was tremendous news when I heard you were coming to visit.
  • The trendy girl goes shopping for new clothes every season.
  • The troublesome boy always found himself in detention.
  • This twisted bed sheet needs to be smoothed and untangled.

To further enhance your skills with using adjectives, take the time to explore some adjective phrase examples.


Sound Off: T-Sounds in English

The letter "t" has three major sounds in the English language.

  • The first is a nice, crisp "teh" like in "time." This sound is made by placing the tongue against the roof of your mouth, just behind the teeth and pushing a little bit of air through.
  • When "t" is followed by the letter "h," things get a little softer. In these instances, “t” will take on the sound of “th” in "thing" or "throw." To make the "th" sound, you have to stick your tongue a little bit through the teeth.
  • The third function of the letter "t" comes when two Ts are combined in the middle of a word. In these instances, they tend to sound like the letter "d." Consider the word "little."

No matter how it’s pronounced, it’s clear "t" is a fundamental and important letter in the English language.

Origin Story of T

The letter "t" has a rich history as a useful letter. The ancient Phoenicians and other tribes used "t" as the marker or signature for people who were illiterate and unable to sign their own names — just as other cultures have used the letter "x" for the same purpose.

Although the letter "t" originally meant "mark" or "sign," it was altered to represent our current letter centuries later by the Ancient Greeks. Certainly, "t" is no longer a stand-in for a signature, but it remains one of the most useful and popular letters in the English language.

T: A Tasty Treat

The letter "t" has come a long way, hasn’t it? Does a more thorough study of the evolution of the English language seem tantalizing to you now? Consider moving on to adjectives that Start with "u" as you embark on a study of some of the remaining letters of the alphabet. Then, focus on finding descriptive words that convey certain meanings, such as adjectives to convey tone, feelings and emotions.