Adjectives That Start with V

Luckily we are no longer in the Middle Ages, when the letter "v" was interchanged with the letter "u." Generally, the letter "v" came at the beginning of a word and the letter "u" was used within a word. For example, “up” was written “vp” and “have” was written “haue.”

It wasn’t until the mid-1500s that the letter "v" started to be used as its very own consonant. Interesting, right? Nowadays, we have a veritable vault of adjectives that start with "v." Let’s take a look, shall we?

Adjectives That Start with V

There’s a bit of a twist with the "v" adjectives listed below. You’ll notice that many of them end with the suffix -ous, which means “full of” or “having qualities of.” Keep this in mind as you continue to add to your own personal list of adjectives!

Here are our top 20 V-adjectives:

  1. Vainglorious - vain; boastful
  2. Valiant - brave; courageous; heroic
  3. Validatory - serving to validate or corroborate
  4. Valorous - having great valor
  5. Vaporous - giving off a vapor, i.e. fog or smog
  6. Vast - wide; large; of great importance
  7. Vaulting - overreaching; exaggerated
  8. Vehement - having great vigor or passion; fervent or eager
  9. Venerable - honorable
  10. Venomous - poisonous; spiteful; malicious
  11. Veracious - truthful; honest (not to be confused with voracious: greedy or eager)
  12. Vexatious - annoying
  13. Vicious - malicious; harmful
  14. Victorious - having won something, i.e. a game, competition, or legal case
  15. Vigorous - having a lot of strength and energy; robust; forceful
  16. Villainous - bad; evil
  17. Virtuous - pure; chaste; having high moral values
  18. Vivacious - lively; high spirited
  19. Vociferous - tendency to be loud, especially when giving one’s opinion
  20. Voluptuous - an attractive, full-figured woman

V Adjectives Practice Test

Now that you have a list of adjectives that start with V in your back pocket, you can practice using these adjectives with our quick test. Simply select from the adjectives above to complete the sentence or answer the question.

  1. Some might say that there are very few people in the world that can be described as __________ as the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, or Gandhi.
  2. If you are the loser in a sports competition, you most likely envy the __________ team.
  3. Name two words that are synonyms for spiteful: __________
  4. Which of these adjectives would you use to express physical characteristics?
  5. If you get bitten by a __________ snake you will need urgent medical attention.
  6. The actress Marilyn Monroe was often described as __________.
  7. In every class, there are one or two __________ students, who always have something to say.
  8. Which adjective would describe an unwillingness to tell lies?
  9. Which adjective would mean you are generally full of life?
  10. My boss loves to talk about himself and his high-flying career, he is so __________.

Answer Key: 1. virtuous; 2. victorious; 3. venomous and vicious; 4. vigorous or voluptuous; 5. venomous; 6. voluptuous; 7. vociferous; 8. veracious; 9. vivacious; 10. vainglorious.

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