Adjectives That Start With Z

There aren't many adjectives that start with "z." In fact, there aren't many English words at all that start with the letter "z." Several of those that do exist tend to be very informal, or even slang. Sometimes slang helps to convey intended meaning with precision. Plus, the more you use slang terms, the more common they become. Some favorite slang words even go on to enter the mainstream language and become legitimate vocabulary.

adjectives that start with z examples adjectives that start with z examples

30 Adjectives That Start With Z

Learn some new Z adjectives and use them with pride. They may be few in number and you won't find many of them used in everyday conversation, but they still have plenty of meaning to convey. Using descriptive Z words can help enhance your vocabulary and improve your writing.





having a full, shapely figure; said of a woman

curvaceous, curvy, buxom


comical in an extravagantly ludicrous or slapstick manner

quirky, eccentric


moving at a fast pace with high energy

energetic, lively


shiny or flashy

sparkly, showy


full of, characterized by, or showing zeal; ardently devoted to a purpose

fervent, enthusiastic


absence of or present in a quantity so small as to be unmeasurable

nil, none


prior to the first thing in a series



filled with enthusiasm; having high spirits

exuberant, eager


full of zest, energetic, active; spicy in flavor

frisky, tangy, piquant


very relaxed and calming; high level of awareness

peaceful, enlightened


of or having to do with a sable (the animal)

sable, sable-like


having a series of short, sharp angles or turns in alternate directions

twisty, crooked


referring to something that's happened a countless number of times

uncountable, enormous


yielding, producing, or containing zinc

ferrous (in relation to zinc)


pleasantly stimulating to the senses

flavorful, spicy


full of vim and energy; brisk

peppy, energetic


of or related to the zodiac system



of or pertaining to life

organic, biologic, alive


of or pertaining to animals or animal life



area that’s separated into different zones

divisions, segmentation


dividing areas into zones (voting districts; land usage restrictions)

districting, outlining


completely tired; lacking energy to do anything else

exhausted, worn out


caused by or starting in animals, as a disease

zoogenous, zoonotic


of, pertaining to, or concerned with animals

fauna, animal life


animal that feeds on other animals; carnivorous

flesh-eating, meat-eating


extremely flamboyant style

snazzy, over-the-top


anatomical term referring to the zygoma area of the face; zygomatic bone, zygomatic arch

cheekbone, malar bone


botanical term referring to a single level of symmetry; plants that have identical halves

bilateral symmetry, mirror image


biochemistry term related to fermenting; characteristics similar to enzyme

catalyst, accelerator


causing fermentation or related to fermentation

zymotic, zymolytic

Example Sentences With Z Adjectives

Many of these Z adjectives aren’t terms you hear often in everyday conversation. That’s part of their appeal. Review a few example sentences using some of the adjectives that start with "z" to get ideas of how you can work these terms into your writing or speech.

  • Kim Kardashian's zaftig figure is the goal for many women embarking on a new workout routine.
  • Melissa McCarthy's zany ways can captivate an audience for hours.
  • Do you love my zazzy new shoes?
  • Her zealous pursuit for a new beginning will make her endeavors a success.
  • His zen disposition is very appealing.
  • Have you met our new neighbor? She's rather zesty and full of life.
  • Her zibeline coat is sure to offend animal lovers.
  • Our camp counselor told us if we were being chased by a crocodile, we should run in a zigzag pattern.
  • This is the zillionth time she's asked to borrow money.
  • This well produces water that is far too zinciferous to drink.
  • My zingy exchange with my boss left me feeling like I can do anything.
  • No doubt her zippy disposition helped land her that job.
  • Her zoetic awakening has inspired others to be the best they can be.
  • Our day at the aquarium was full of zoic adventures.
  • After a day like today, I'm completely zonked.
  • This unnamed disease certainly has zoogenic origins.
  • Our zoological pursuits through the safari were exhilarating.
  • That zoophagous lion is going to eat that poor, defenseless animal.
  • Take that zygomatic blush brush away from my face, I look like a clown!
  • Her zymolytic attempt at making beer was a success.

Get Descriptive With Adjectives

Going through the alphabet, letter by letter, can help you compile a long list of adjectives. Craft a personal list of adjectives that start with "z" and other letters, so you'll have a resource at hand to help you expand your vocabulary and diversify your writing. Consider putting a good ol' fashioned pen to paper and record an adjective list for the ages. The act of writing will help them stick in your mind. Then, when you set out to share your talents with the world, you'll be able to paint your prose with elegance and grace.

Enhance Your Writing With Adjectives

No matter what letter they start with, adjectives are descriptive terms that can help you enhance your writing. Now that you know some of the adjectives that start with "z," consider developing a deeper knowledge of how to enhance your writing through the use of descriptive terminology. Explore the various types of adjectives and consider how they can enhance your writing. Once you have spent some time studying, test your knowledge with an adjective quiz.