Adjectives to Describe Personality: Words to Show What a Person Is Like

You can sum up a person’s personality by examining their individual personality traits. However, it can be especially difficult to come up with just the right descriptive words to talk about yourself or another person. By reading daily and learning more adjectives that are appropriate for describing people and their personalities, you can build your vocabulary. Use the lists of personality adjectives below to choose just the right adjectives to describe another person or yourself!

Positive adjectives to describe personality Positive adjectives to describe personality

Adjectives for Personality Characteristics

The personality traits a person has are descriptive of the individual's character. These terms don't have to be positive or negative, but rather they are simply descriptive in nature. After all, personality traits simply reflect the individual differences that make us who we are.

  • adventurous - willing to take chances or risks; loves to try new things
  • analytical - carefully researches and considers options; seeks to do things right the first time
  • cheerful - tendency to be upbeat and in good spirits
  • cynical - skeptical; tends to wonder about the underlying motives of other people
  • collaborative - seeks out the thoughts and opinions of others; enjoys working in a team
  • extroverted - outgoing person who enjoys engaging with other people
  • focused - very goal-directed; doesn't get pulled off course by distractors
  • gregarious - upbeat and outgoing; loves being around people and making new friends
  • hopeful - optimistic: has faith in a good outcome
  • introverted - a reflective person who tends to be quiet and reserved
  • laid-back - relaxed, easy-going; not prone to worry or stress
  • practical - focused on what is sensible, useful
  • precise - detail-oriented and eager to do a good job
  • reflective - tends to look inwardly and/or reflects on situations thoughtfully
  • shy - bashful, introverted, tendency to be quiet and reserved
  • steadfast - reliable; loyal; seeks to maintain harmony in relationships
  • supportive - provides emotional support and encouragement to others

Personality Adjectives With Positive Connotations

Are you adventurous, collaborative or reflective? How else would you describe yourself? To get you started with even more adjectives to describe a person, consider these ten positive personality adjectives that could be the perfect match for your next project.

  • affable - pleasant, kind; gentle; approachable
  • assertive - stands up for oneself while remaining respectful of others
  • active - energetic, involved, ready for anything
  • considerate - keeping others’ feelings in mind before acting
  • convivial - always in a good mood; the life of the party
  • diplomatic - fair-minded and able to see both sides of a situation
  • eager - enthusiastic, energetic, ready to move forward
  • empathetic - willing and able to view situations from the perspectives of others
  • encouraging - providing support, guiding others to be hopeful and have a positive outlook
  • enthusiastic - positive, upbeat attitude; eager to do a good job
  • empathetic - able to view situations through other people's perspectives
  • mature - always behaves appropriately, never childish
  • motivated - puts energy toward a hopeful outcome
  • optimistic - expecting the best from people and situations; positive outlook
  • sensible - careful, wise, prudent, practical
  • sincere - straightforward; honest, truthful
  • trustworthy - dependable, reliable; will keep confidential information to themselves

Personality Adjectives With Negative Connotations

There’s always room for improvement. If you’re looking for personality adjectives for someone who doesn’t always act in the best interest of others, consider these choice words.

  • argumentative - stirs up conflicts on purpose or fights unnecessary fights
  • childish - prone to selfishness; tends to throw temper tantrums; lack of maturity
  • cynical- suspicious of others’ intentions; always sees the negative side of a situation
  • disruptive - uses peaceful moments to disturb others or air their own grievances
  • hostile - tends to be antagonistic or aggressive in demeanor
  • inconsiderate - ignores or doesn't care about other people's needs and feelings
  • lazy - not willing to put forth effort; does as little work as possible
  • moody - emotionally unpredictable, typically negative
  • nervous - anxious and timid in ordinary, everyday situations
  • one-sided - chooses a side and refuses to even engage with the others
  • passive - unable to make active decisions or assert oneself
  • patronizing - condescending; talks down to others
  • pessimistic - negative outlook; expects the worst outcomes
  • resentful - feels jealousy over the success of others; holds on to grudges
  • selfish - assumes or insists that their needs come first at all times
  • unreliable - can't be counted on to follow-through or do what is needed
  • weak - exhibits a lack of strength; doesn't effectively handle pressure

Printable List of Adjectives to Describe a Person

For even more adjectives to describe a person, check out the printable list of personality adjectives below. It includes even more word choices than the ones listed above.

personality adjectives list with examples

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Many Ways to Use Personality Adjectives

Personality adjectives are useful for describing yourself or other people. You can use these adjectives to enhance your writing and communication skills in a variety of contexts.

Resume Writing

If you are writing a resume, consider the impact the words might have when it comes to showcasing your personality. Picking the right words can mean the difference between a boring resume and a bold resume — and you want to find the unique words that show who you are best while still making you look like an esteemed professional.

Speech Writing

You might be preparing a speech in which you are talking about someone and his or her accomplishments — maybe about yourself or someone you care about. Having the right words on hand might make the speech seem just that much more personal, thoughtful, and put together.

Bio Writing

Another reason a lot of people might want a good list of positive adjectives is that they are writing a personal bio for an online profile, such as a dating site or business page. When constructing these personal biographies, have someone you trust look at the adjectives you have chosen to see if each adjective reflects your personality in an honest, positive light.

Find the Right Words

If you still need adjectives for personal qualities, or if you've looked at the above list and you can't quite find the right words to describe someone (or yourself), consider the option that you can create your own personal adjective list using YourDictionary's thesaurus. For each word, ask yourself: is this a word I can use to describe a person? If the word effectively does this, then it is a personality adjective.


Further Explore Personality Adjectives

Whether you're a native English speaker or an English as a Second Language (ESL) learner, you can benefit from building your vocabulary of descriptive terms. After all, words have subtle differences that change their distinct meanings. By building a strong vocabulary of personality adjectives, it is easier to be precise when talking about other people and their attributes. To further explore such adjectives, explore words to describe a person in a positive way.