List of Common Prepositions

Prepositions are relationship words. They link nounspronounsverbs and phrases together in a sentence. Without prepositions, it would be impossible to communicate. For example, would you understand a sentence that read "I want go the mall get a dress prom"? Perhaps you might be able to decipher it, but it certainly wouldn't be fun.

The missing words in that example are prepositions (to, and, for) and there are many more prepositions you can use too. Let's familiarize ourselves with a list of common prepositions.

Understanding Prepositions

There are several hundred prepositions in the English language, all of which are used to show a relationship between ideas. One way to remember prepositions is to think about anywhere a mouse can run. A mouse can run up, over, down, under, to, and from. Those are all prepositions.

While this rule doesn't catch every preposition, it certainly can help you identify a few of them.

List of Prepositions with Example Sentences

This list of 74 prepositions will help you to understand how to find them and why they are so important.

  1. Aboard: You can't climb aboard without a preposition.

  2. About: Tell me about the game last night.

  3. Above: Go above and beyond the call of duty.

  4. According toAccording to mom, playing hooky is bad.

  5. Across: Try not to sit across from your brother at Thanksgiving dinner.

  6. After: Let's go out for dinner after the show.

  7. Against: You'll have to agree with everything if you don't vote against anything.

  8. Ahead of: His new haircut was ahead of its time.

  9. Along: Set up the chairs along the far wall, please.

  10. Alongside: You can sit alongside your best friend at lunch.

  11. AmidAmid all the chaos, he still loves her.

  12. AmidstAmidst the rubble, you might find some treasure.

  13. Among: It's good to be among friends.

  14. Anti: We're anti complaining in this house.

  15. Around: Do you want to hang around the mall with us?

  16. AsAs long as prepositions exist, sentences will make sense.

  17. As far asAs far as I'm concerned, you're lovely.

  18. As well as: Understanding prepositions, as well as their meanings, is important.

  19. At: He'll be waiting for you at the front door.

  20. Atop: Stand atop the mountain and sing to the heavens.

  21. Before: Did she arrive before he did?

  22. Behind: Falling behind on your schoolwork would be bad.

  23. Below: The mouse ran below the basement door.

  24. Between: There can be no more secrets between you and me.

  25. But: Everyone went to Paris but Amy.

  26. By: The coffee mugs are by the water glasses.

  27. ConsideringConsidering the weather, we're staying in tonight.

  28. Down: What goes up must come down.

  29. During: Do not talk during meditation.

  30. Except: I would take you home, except I'm running late.

  31. Excluding: I like everyone, excluding him.

  32. FollowingFollowing French class, we go straight to English class.

  33. For: If it wasn't for literature, the world would cease to exist.

  34. From: Watching television is far from important.

  35. In: I'll be there in five minutes.

  36. In addition toIn addition to your brains, you also have beauty.

  37. In case ofIn case of emergency, you can always call me.

  38. Inside: Put the paper inside the file.

  39. Into: Don't you just love getting into trouble?

  40. Like: She looks just like her grandmother at that age.

  41. Mid: Why must he always interrupt her mid-sentence?

  42. Near: He lives near me.

  43. NextNext, hold the power button to turn on your computer.

  44. Next to: Please don't sit next to me.

  45. Notwithstanding: We're in the lead, notwithstanding David's departure.

  46. Of: You remind of someone else.

  47. Off: Would someone please get this bug off me?

  48. On: Let's go sit on that stone wall.

  49. On account ofOn account of your bad attitude, you can stay home today.

  50. On behalf ofOn behalf of everyone, I'd like to welcome you to the company.

  51. On top ofOn top of everything else, I have tons of work to do.

  52. Onto: Are you ready to move onto the next preposition?

  53. Opposite: We are on opposite sides of the court.

  54. Outside: Without prepositions, you could never think outside the box.

  55. Outside of: You should never color outside of the lines.

  56. Over: My brothers were fighting over the car.

  57. Owing toOwing to her sunny disposition, she's always the life of the party.

  58. Past: We need to walk past the library to get there.

  59. PerPer his instructions, we took the road less traveled.

  60. Plus: You want me to take the dog plus the cat? They hate each other!

  61. Prior toPrior to this, I never knew "prior" was a preposition.

  62. Regarding: I'd like to speak with you now regarding your misconduct.

  63. Round: This conversation is going round in circles.

  64. Save: No one, save my sister, knows where I hide my journal.

  65. Since: Joe hasn't visited since last summer.

  66. Than: There are few prepositions greater than "than."

  67. Through: When Alice went through the looking glass, she used a preposition.

  68. ThroughoutThroughout history, we've been taught to value prepositions.

  69. To: He's going to the store.

  70. UntilUntil you learn to read, you'll never be happy.

  71. Up: "Upup, and away!" is a cry you couldn't say without prepositions.

  72. With: She lives with her husband and 4 cats.

  73. WithinWithin the confines of many sentences, you're likely to find prepositions.

  74. WithoutWithout the preposition "without," you'd be without a clue.

Play with Prepositions

As you write, play with prepositions. As you read, see if you can pick them out of a lineup. Who knew there were so many, right? For more on this preppy bunch, take a look at these rules for prepositions. They'll help you incorporate them into your daily language with accuracy and eloquence.

List of Common PrepositionsList of Common Prepositions
List of Common PrepositionsList of Common Prepositions

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