Spelling Bee Quizzes

Before entering a spelling bee, taking some spelling bee quizzes can prove useful. Reviewing word lists and even reading the dictionary can also be fruitful. But, the truth remains; the more a student can practice, the greater the odds are that they'll succeed. Below, we've created two sample spelling bee quizzes to be used in grades 1-3 and grades 4-6, along with a wealth of resources that'll encourage great success!

Spelling Bee Quizzes Spelling Bee Quizzes

Spelling Bee Practice and Quizzes

Indeed, "practice makes perfect" is the name of the game when it comes to spelling bees. Print out and distribute the following quizzes to your students to see where they stand.

Grades 1 - 3

In the quizzes below, three words are laid out. Students must select the word that is misspelled and write it correctly in the line below.

Spelling Bee Quizzes

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Grades 3 - 5

Now, it's time to advance to higher levels with tricky words like "amendment," "government," and "accomplishment."

Spelling Bee Quizzes

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Studying for a Spelling Bee

Using spelling bee quizzes is crucial, since they contain valuable information about words that might very well show up in a spelling bee.

Here are some additional strategies:

  • Try researching some common words that are used in spelling bees. The more you become accustomed to the words that might show up, the better prepared you will be. One of the most valuable resources for common spelling words is the Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word Lists. There, you'll have over 23,000 words to choose from!
  • Try to help your students become comfortable with the idea of standing in front of a group of people. You don't want to lose the competition because you're anxious. Sure, most are going to be a little bit nervous, but you don't want the anxiety to take over their basic cognitive skills.
  • Consider using flashcards. Flashcards are frequently used for teaching different types of lessons, from the most basic levels up to the highest.
  • For more like flashcards, check out these Spelling Activities. They take away some of the "rote" memorization and dashes in bits of fun.
  • Encourage your students to practice with one another. Again, the practice will be invaluable and they can even give each other tips on how to remember words they're struggling with. As a matter of fact, you can help every one of your little learners with these tips on How to Spell a Word.
  • Remind your students that certain Spelling Rules don't always apply. Still, they're invaluable; they serve as a foundation when in doubt.

Using Drills to Study Spelling

Spelling bees are different from other types of learning that occur in educational settings. Particularly in past years, learning has focused more on differentiating strategies to suit various types of learners and situations.

In the matter of a spelling bee, drills are one of the best teaching tools to use. Creativity often requires time. However, in a spelling bee, there is a set time limit. You can't ponder indefinitely about the correct spelling of a word. Frequent drills can encourage your students to think quickly and accurately.

Start Excelling Today

A little healthy competition never hurt anybody. And spelling bees are one of the best forms of competition! A robust vocabulary will serve your students well, throughout the entirety of their lives. Here at YourDictionary, we have a wealth of word lists to help people build out their vocabulary. You can break things down by letter of the alphabet, part of speech, commonly misspelled words, and more. Let the excellence start today!