List of Cool Words from the 70s

A list of cool words from the 70's... wouldn't it be nice to have such a thing so you could reminisce about the old days when you were still a teenager and the days when life was about fun and games. You had no worries except for how you were going to get to the great party over the weekend. The slang of the time and the words reflect this great atmosphere and can even bring you back to those carefree days.

A list of cool words from the 70's can take you back to the days of the 70's! Bell bottom pants and 8 track tapes. Peace, love and harmony may not be the words you are probably remembering when you think back to the 70's. This was the days of demonstrations and war riots. These were the days where the Beatles and Elvis had the girls screaming wildly and throwing unmentionables upon the stages.

A List of Cool Words from the 70's

  • Skinney - This refer to the real deal or truth about something.

  • Can You Dig It - This word means do you understand?

  • Far Out - This word means cool

  • That's Sick! - This word refers to odd or unusual things.

  • The Man - The man means any authority, corporations, police, government. This word is still used today.

  • To The Max! - Take it to the maximum. Taking it all the way. The best that it can be.

  • You Know - This was said at the end of nearly every sentence, you know?

  • Book Or booking - This word means to run quickly and usually away from something. Example: They were booking it down the road because the cops were chasing after them.

  • Catch You On The Flip-side - This term means that someone will see you later.

  • Chill or Be Cool - This word when said was meant for you or whoever it was said toward to just simply relax.

  • Fab - This word is simple it means fabulous. For example, "That skirt is fab."

  • Get down, or, boogie - These terms mean to go dancing.

  • Like - During the 70's this word was used to start just about every sentence. For example, "Like, I like saw this like really cute boy looking at me."

  • Right on! - These two words were used when you agreed with something someone said.

  • Can you dig it - These four little words were asked when someone wanted to know if you understood what they said.

  • Cats - This word referred to people or meant people.

  • Cool

  • Hey Good Looking

  • Awesome

  • Sweet

As you can see, many of these words are still used today and even have the same meaning as they did in the 70's. As the peace and love movement persisted form the 60's and the 70's gave way to the rampant consumerism of the 1980's, the laid back atmosphere remained throughout this time as teens embraced cultural freedom. Although hippies and the hippie culture began to wan around the middle of this decade, many of the ideas of feminism, peace and love still persisted and colored the slang language of this time in American history.

Slang evolves and changes as each new generation creates their own language that parents and authority figures just don't understand, but many of those words persist and become part of the cultural vernacular of society as a whole.

Today, even your parents know just what "awesome" and "cool" mean, but that doesn't make the words any less useful of as expression of pleasure.

Roller Disco Rink As List of Cool Words from the 70sRoller Disco Rink As List of Cool Words from the 70s

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