Positive Words That Start With X

When it comes to positive words, X might not be the first letter you think of. However, there are several xany words that begin with X. From XO to xystus, find a few different nice words that begin with x that you might be able to integrate into your vocabulary. Make it a game and have your friends scratching their heads at your word prowess.

Positive X word Xper tech bunny Positive X word Xper tech bunny

Nice Words Beginning With X

Oh, the letter X. This letter can be a hard one when it comes to positive words. However, there are 20 positive words with x that you can fit into your vocabulary.




XO (abbreviation)

hugs and kisses

hugs, kisses, love

x-factor (n.)

noteworthy quality or talent

wow factor, uniqueness

xaern (v.)

enjoying something so much you begin to dislike it

xanthic (adj.)

having a yellow color


xany (adj.)

a lot of energy; overly energetic

energetic, wild

xenas (n.)

confident, strong woman

mighty, strong, confident

xenagogue (n.)

acting as a guide; guiding someone

tour guide

xenial (adj.)

being nice or friendly to foreign visitors

hospitable, friendly

xenismos (n.)

offering meal (ritual)

offering, ritual

xenodocheionology (n.)

hotel and inn lore

lore, myths

xenodochy (n.)

receiving of strangers

hospitality, fellowship

xenolalia (n.)

speaking a language you never learned

multi-lingual, speaking in tongues

xenomania (n.)

the pleasure of meeting strangers

passion, inclination

xesturgy (n.)

polished objects

polished, clean, shine

xoanon (n.)

primitive wood statue

carving, cult image

xoompin (v.)

driving or going over bumps

xper (n.)

someone that is an extreme programmer

programmer, coder

xylographic (adj.)

art of engraving wood

woodcut, engraving

xylotomous (adj.)

cut or bored into wood


xystus (n.)

open portico

structure, entrance

Great Opportunities for Positive X-Words

When it comes to positive words that begin with x, you might not be able to think of many and just where would you include them. You’ll find that lots of your friends can get xany when you find fun ways to include new words in emails beyond just ending with XO.

You can also fill in words with X when writing a personal letter to a friend or penpal. Figuring out ways to fit in words like xoompin or xenial can be fun. You might even find that you xaern writing a letter because it makes you want to write more. Get creative and you just might have your friends scratching their heads in wonder.

Example Sentences Using Positive X-Words

Need a little bit of inspiration for how you will fit those positive x words into your writing. Check out a few example sentences for inspiration.

  • We had so much fun when we went xoompin today!
  • The pages of that book have a xanthic hue.
  • My mom has that x-factor that all great writers have.
  • A good leader must practice xenodochy.
  • The insect was xylotomous.
  • The xper worked for a secret government agency.
  • The Greek wrestlers would play in the xystus.
  • I will talk to you tomorrow. XOXO
  • My best friend has a xany personality.
  • The xenas walked right toward me.

Were you beginning to wonder if you could work those in? Great news, you can!


Have Fun With X

X is not the first letter that you might think of when it comes to positive words. But there are a lot of good words with x out there that you can have fun with. Now that you know a few positive words with x, you might want to check out nouns that start with x or words with x, y and z for kids.