Noun Worksheets

Noun worksheets are widely used to help teach and practice noun use because nouns are one of the most basic building blocks of the English language. Noun worksheets are appropriate for all levels of language development. Younger elementary students and ESL learners are introduced to nouns, while more advanced middle and high school students can use noun worksheets as refreshers about the proper usage of the English language.

student working on noun worksheet student working on noun worksheet

Free Printable Noun Worksheets

Noun worksheets you can print for free when you need them make it easy for kids of any age to practice using nouns at school or at home. You can access these printable worksheets using the Adobe guide for troubleshooting.

An Alphabet of Nouns Worksheet

Beginning learners can fill out this worksheet to name a noun for each letter of the alphabet. If you have a letter of the week for your classroom, students could fill out the worksheet throughout the year by adding a noun as you cover each letter.

an alphabet of nouns worksheet

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Common and Proper Noun Worksheet

Kids in first grade and second grade can explore common and proper nouns with this simple worksheet. There are three sections so kids can practice identifying and writing common and proper nouns.

common and proper nouns worksheet

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Possessive Noun Worksheet

Students in second grade through middle school learn about possessive nouns, then practice their skills with this simple worksheet. Kids have to circle whether the possessive noun or plural noun completes each of 10 sentences.

possessive noun worksheet

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Beginner Noun Quiz

Noun quizzes can also be used as worksheets. Kids in grades 1 through 3 can practice finding all the nouns in a sentence and identifying common and proper nouns with this worksheet.

worksheet non quiz level a

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Advanced Noun Quiz

Proper nouns, uncountable nouns, countable nouns, collective nouns, abstract nouns, and concrete nouns are covered in this quiz worksheet. Students in grades 4 through 8 can use the worksheet for lessons or homework.

worksheet noun quiz level b

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More Noun Worksheets for Kids

If the free printable noun worksheets don’t fit your needs, try one of these:

How to Create Your Own Noun Worksheets

You can create your own noun worksheets using your computer or even a dry erase board.

  • Write a few sentences on a piece of paper, then ask your student to underline or circle the nouns.
  • Write a few sentences on a piece of paper, then erase one or two nouns from each. Direct students to fill in an appropriate noun word in each blank.
  • Make three columns labeled "person," "place," and "thing." Have students walk around the room and list nouns that fall into each of these categories.
  • Make three columns labeled "person," "place," and "thing." List ten nouns on the bottom of the handout and ask students to write them in the correct columns.

Tips for Using Noun Worksheets

Noun worksheets are an integral part of grammar lessons. Practicing skills often helps kids grasp the concepts.

  • Use a variety of worksheets and learning tools to diversify the curriculum and engage all types of learners.
  • Be sure to review pre-made worksheets for accuracy before you use them with your students.
  • Complete worksheets as a class to help teach the noun topic.

Working With Nouns

You can supplement noun worksheets with fun noun games that will keep kids learning and engaged. Once your students master their noun lessons, you can incorporate verb worksheets into your lesson plans too.